Kris Kohl

Field Agricultural Engineer
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Area of Expertise
ag building ventilation, composting, irrigation, manure handling, manure management plans, open feedlot design, P-index, water quality, ag odor/air quality, ag safety, ag buildings and structures, bio-economy, bio-fuels, bio-fuels processing, biomass harvesting, CRP, dairy facilities, energy conservation, forage harvest, forage storage, grain handling, home energy, home maintenance, livestock housing systems, machinery, native grasses, biosolids management, private water supply, RULES2, soil compaction, tile drainage, tillage, local foods
Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University, 1988
M.S., Agricultural Engineering, South Dakota State University, 1986
B.S., Agricultural Engineering, South Dakota University, 1984
Alpha Epsilon (Agricultural Engineering Honor)
Gamma Sigma Delta (Agriculture Honor)
Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor)
National Needs Fellowship
Iowa State University Research Excellent Award
American Society of Agriculture National Paper Award
United States Department of Agriculture Certificate of Appreciation Award
ISU Extension Achievement Award
Published Articles

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