Jay Harmon

Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach
Director for Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension and Outreach
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Harmon joined ISU’s agricultural and biosystems engineering faculty in 1993. His extension duties have focused on improved profitability and sustainability through a systems approach to livestock housing, management of ventilation and heating systems for swine housing and environmental modifications that improve swine conception rates. He has advised more than 200 producers on making the best decisions on siting new swine facilities by running an ISU-developed odor assessment model. He leads the Agricultural Systems and Environmental Stewardship Extension Group and, from 2014 to 2015, he served as interim director of ISU’s Iowa Pork Industry Center.

Harmon teaches courses on subjects that include agricultural engineering design, swine environmental management and ventilation of agricultural facilities. He conducts applied research on efficient and sustainable swine production systems.

Harmon is professor-in-charge of the Midwest Plan Service at Iowa State, which produces agricultural engineering publications and materials in collaboration with 12 Midwestern universities. In 2015, he was nationally recognized as the recipient of the G.B. Gunlogson Countryside Engineering Award for exemplary service to animal production systems from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. He is a Fellow of ASABE.

Dr. Harmon, who is originally from Indiana, holds degrees from Purdue, Minnesota, and Virginia Tech. Before coming to ISU, he worked at Clemson University where his first assignment was helping farmers after Hurricane Hugo. Dr. Harmon is a licensed professional engineer. 

Area of Expertise
ag building ventilation, ag odor/air quality, energy conservation, livestock housing systems (poultry and swine), ag/building structures
Department Profile
132 Curtiss Hall
513 Farm House Lane