Brian Dougherty

Agricultural Engineering Specialist
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Area of Expertise
dairy facilities, manure handling, water quality, biochar production and use, regenerative agriculture, soil health
M.S., Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University, 2018
B.S., Ecological Engineering, Oregon State University, 2016
Diploma, Dairy Herd Management, Northeastt Iowa Community College, 1994
A.A.S, Farm Operations and Management, Ellsworth Community College, 1993
Published Articles

Dougherty, B., M. Gray, M.G. Johnson, M. Kleber. 2017. Can biochar covers reduce emissions from manure lagoons while capturing nutrients? J. Environ. Qual. 46(3): 659–666.

Dougherty, B., M. Helmers, D. Andersen. 2017. Evaluating the Impact of Nutrient Management Practices on Drainage Water Quality. IPPA Headlines. 16(2).

Dougherty, B., C. Peterson, M. Helmers, M. Soupir, R. Kanwar, A. Mallarino. 2016. Impact of Liquid Swine Manure Application and Cover Crops on Dissolved Phosphorus in Subsurface Drainage water. Iowa State Research Farm Progress Report.

Dougherty, B., C. Peterson, M. Helmers, M. Soupir, D. Andersen, A. Mallarino, J. Sawyer. 2016. Drainage Water Quality Impacts of Agricultural Management Practices: Effect of Manure Application Timing and Cover Crops. Iowa State Research Farm Progress Report.

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