The dairy team provides educational programming focused on improved profitability, financial management, herd health and nutrition, milk quality, reproduction, facilities, milking procedures and systems (including low cost parlors and robotic milking systems), cow comfort and welfare, forage quality, calves and heifers, transition cows, heat abatement, manure systems or other production and management aspects, including employee training and bilingual resources. They also focus on consumer and youth education, focused on understanding on farm dairy practices, animal and environmental stewardship, sustainability, and dairy product quality and safety. Visit the Dairy Team website for more information.

Dairy specialists are located throughout the state and on the Iowa State University campus to conduct research and provide education to farmers across Iowa. Contact a specialist in your area today.

Dairy Specialists

The map colors represent the region covered by one of the field specialists below.

dairy territory map

Field Specialists

Fred M Hall headshot
Region: 1
Jenn Bentley headshot
Region: 2
Larry Tranel headshot
Region: 3

State Specialists