Adam Janke

adam janke headshotAdam Janke is a product of the corn belt. A native of Indiana who holds degrees from colleges in his home state, Ohio and South Dakota, Janke has a deep understanding and appreciation for the area’s wildlife. That passion for addressing the wildlife conservation challenges farmers in this area encounter have now led Janke to call a fourth state in the region home.

How long have you worked for ISU Extension and Outreach?

Started in May of 2016.

What do you do?

I’m the statewide wildlife extension specialist, so I work with all things wildlife. My focus is on wildlife habitat conservation on farms but I also deal with any issues people have with wildlife and general education about wildlife that can be found in Iowa.

What is the best part of working for ISU Extension and Outreach?

I like the diversity of people you get to work with. I really enjoy presenting at other ISU Extension and Outreach events and learning about other aspects of extension. I also enjoy meeting people in county offices and learning about them and what is going on in their counties.

Do you have any big upcoming projects or events?

We are making progress toward revitalizing the Master Conservationist program. It will run on a pilot scale in Henry County this fall and we will learn from that and make it available to other interested counties next spring.

We also have a series of forestry field days in October, which will be held in four locations across the state.

Name one fun thing about yourself that not many people know.

I played hockey two nights a week in Ames. I like the pace of the game and it’s good physical activity without being repetitious.

What do you do in your free time?

I really enjoy hunting and fishing, that’s my favorite recreational activity. I have a black lab, Abby, I train for hunting. I also like to play golf when I have a chance.

With your time here, what is one thing you would like to accomplish in this position?

I would like to see an increase in the amount of wildlife habitat in working landscapes. By educating people, everyone should know there are things they can do on their farm that can positively impact wildlife without hurting production.

How do you create a #StrongIowa?

We need diversity of plants, people and animals to be strong, sustainable and resilient. Wildlife and wildlife habitats are a leading indicator of the sustainability of the landscape.