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October 4, 2012

Just A Bite....

Food Allergies In Children are Increasing

February 22, 2005

Check-out the new community directory. The Adair County Community Directory has been updated with important information from Child Care to a listing of Important Phone Numbers that everyone should have at easy reach.

   ServSafe Food Safety Certification Short Course Brochure


  Pressure Canner Testing Info

                                                Pressure Canner Gauge Test Form

                                                Presto Testing Unit Brochure

                                                Oven Canning is UNSAFE! (click here for info)


  Good Food Preservation Resources (click here for info)


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United States Food And Drug Administration

Centers For Disease Control

Centers For Medicade And Medicare Services

US Administration On Aging

State Children's Health Insurance Program

USDA's Children's Nutrition Research Center

National Center For Home Preservation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Iowa Department Of Public Health

Iowa Department Of Public Safety

Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention

Govenor's Office Of Drug Control Policy

Govenor's Trafic Safety Bureau

Iowa Division of Persons with Disabilities

Food Safety – From Farm To Table

Food for Fitness and Fun

Food Allergy Network

Facts about Fad Diets

Bottled Water – to drink or not to drink?


Statewide Resources

  • Participate in these classes for child care providers focused on healthy, affordable food choices and physical activities for children. Department of Human Services-approved credit is available for those attending.

  • EFNEP and SNAP-Ed are free programs that help parents provide nutritious food for their families, leading to healthy children and strong families

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    Human Sciences Extension and Outreach is all over the social media networks. Stay in touch with us through our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

  • Answer Line

    Get answers to your home and family questions from the specialists at AnswerLine. Connect with them on the phone, email, or Facebook for information about cleaning, food preparation, preservation, and safety, home, equipment, nutrition, and laundry. 1-800-262-3804 or -

  • Keep your family or your customers safe by following these food safety tips for foodservice operators, consumers, and educators.

  • Interested in canning, freezing, and dehydrating foods? Join our hands-on workshops to learn and practice safe food preservation techniques.

  • Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

    Spending less on food often means investing time and effort in planning, shopping and preparing food.  Check out our blog, website, and Facebook page to learn skills and adopt habits to feed your family nutritious meals for less money.

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