Team Development

This course illustrates the substance of management is working with people. By using the people resources and by treating people with respect, understanding their needs and involving them in the decision making process we will maximize the potential of our operations.

These skills are all developed by knowing:

  • Selecting and training new employees
  • Labor management relations
  • Workplace stresses and conflict management
  • Problem employees
  • Delegation and employee empowerment

Once completed participants should be able to:

  • Apply the selection process
  • Develop a training program
  • Understand labor management contracts and working relationships
  • Identify problem employees and select a course of action
  • Recognize effective delegation techniques and the value of employee empowerment

Key Concepts:

  • Selecting new employees
  • Training programs
  • Labor management relations
  • Problem employees
  • Effective delegation
  • Employee empowerment

Offering format

On-line, independent study



Offering level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced)


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