Basic Management Skills

The substance of management is working with people. The skills covered in this section are the responsibilities of a manager. Having the skills necessary to plan, organize, staff, direct, coordinate and report on the activities of a public works department, which will be discussed here, does not assure that one can motivate and get the most from your employees. Those human interaction skills that can make a good manager great are covered in the Team Development module.

At the completion of this module participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic management skills
  • Discern the difference between city, county and state level organizational structures
  • Create action plans for their agency
  • Recognize the different roles of line and staff managers
  • Keep records that are useful, up-to-date and readily available
  • Apply time management techniques to their own busy schedules

Offering format

On-line, independent study



Offering level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced)


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