Supervisory Techniques and Skills

This course is designed for supervisors, lead workers or others who find themselves involved in the management process - and perhaps concerned that they should be better prepared to do this job. It is not for middle or upper level managers or administrators who may be more concerned with the total organization or achieving organizational goals.

The first-line supervisors the person responsible for getting the actual work done properly and on time, is the critical link between the workers and the upper levels of management. This supervisor must know quite a bit about the technical side of the job: how to blade a road, how to repair a guardrail, and many other things. But, as a supervisor, they now find they must spend more time working with people and doing paperwork.

Working with people is a primary responsibility of a supervisor. The best individual worker is most apt to be promoted to supervisor. Often however, he/she may have a difficult time feeling comfortable with the new tasks.

This course will provide an opportunity to review some of the recognized management and leadership concepts, and allow each individual to relate his or her needs to these educational concepts.

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On-line, independent study



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