Project Management

This course provides an excellent form of instruction for the beginning project manager with training on the identifiable fundamentals of planning, developing and managing a construction project.   Emphasis on the process is provided by the examination of an actual bridge project example that utilized most every conceivable step possible.  A thorough review of construction inspection fundamentals and the tools needed to effectively perform those duties is provided.  Preparation for a clean project close out at audit time begins at the time of letting with the clear and concise plans, notes and specifications.  Using proper forms and methods for item note keeping, a diary, and specific quantities from the start of and throughout a project can insure a successful audit (and full reimbursement) at completion.
Actual case studies of two major projects (a multi-year highway/bridge construction and a complete street reversion) involved all these principles but also included many difficult (and trying) challenges.  The circumstances provided by these examples provide both enlightenment and education to even those experienced inspectors and project managers, while again emphasizing the importance of the basics discussed earlier.
Utilization of an asset management system by a city is described and explained as a management tool used to differentiate the need for management of both maintenance and construction work.  Using this type of planning/management tool allows an agency to be able to conduct the most efficient and effective combinations to meet their budget and/or condition goals.

These skills are all developed by knowing:

  • The basic steps involved with in project management
  • The proper order of project development to avoid audit problems
  • The proper forms and documentation needed
  • Where training is available

Once completed participants should be able to:

  • Identify key components of managing parts of (or all) of projects
  • Know where to find forms and get assistance for accurate records
  • Recognize that challenges are inevitable and must be taken care of and recorded as provided in the specifications, using the engineer’s judgment.

Key Concepts:

  • Project management begins with the concept
  • There is a proper order for project development
  • Proper construction inspection begins by knowing the project documents
  • Documentation and proper record keeping is invaluable

Offering format

On-line, independent study



Offering level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced)


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