Operations and Maintenance

This course emphasizes the fact that public works are developed by and for the benefit of the people. Designed to protect and enhance the human environment, they represent investments in the future for the people who create and maintain them, along with succeeding generations. The term "public works" can be broadly defined as: The physical structures and facilities developed or acquired by public agencies to house governmental functions and provide water, waste disposal, power, transportation and similar services to facilitate the achievement of common social and economic objectives.

The organization and distribution of public works services differ from community to community served, whether city, county or the entire state. Some have no (or very small) public works departments and others may have a large agency serving as the umbrella for multiple departments that comprise the public works functions. Whatever the structure and financing mechanism used, public works functions are the foundations of civilization and the delivery of each service requires the organization, long range planning, technical expertise and excellent management skills.

Skills are developed by gaining insight about some of the most common - and essential - public works services areas:

  • Roadway and traffic transportation
  • Parks and Conservation
  • Water /Waste water
  • Gravel Road Maintenance
  • Stormwater runoff
  • Structures and facilities

Once completed, participants should be able to:

  • Understand common public works vocabulary.
  • Explain basic management elements of public works operations functions
  • Understand the scope of public works activities
  • Identify some of the major federal regulations and guidelines affecting various components of public works

Key Concepts:

  • Nothing is static in traffic operations
  • Budget fluctuations mean adjusting level of service
  • Workzone Safety is must be interdepartmental
  • Constantly changing regulations require supervisory operational adjustments
  • Interaction/communication/cooperation between departments

Offering format

On-line, independent study



Offering level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced)


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