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February 2024
Newsletter Articles
Farmers and other small entities may need to file beneficial ownership reports  
Cattle, sheep inventory cycles are changing  
Cybersecurity takes a community  
Mixed messages on exports  
Landowner education program  
Information Files  
Historical Corn Yields by County -- A1-12  
Historical Soybean Yields by County -- A1-13  

Corn and Soybean County Yields -- A1-14

Historical Costs of Crop Production -- A1-21  
Farm Bill Programs: Data and Methods for ARC-County and PLC -- A1-33  
Livestock Planning Prices -- B1-10  
Historical Hog and Lamb Prices -- B2-10  
Historical Cattle Prices -- B2-12  
Cattle Marketing Decisions -- B2-35  
Lean Hog Basis -- B2-41  
Live Cattle Basis -- B2-42  
Feeder Cattle Basis -- B2-43  
Feeder Steer-Heifer Price Spread -- B2-45  
Decision Tools  
ARC-CO & PLC Per Acre Payment Estimator for Iowa, 2024-2025 -- A1-33  
ARC-CO & PLC Per Acre Payments Projections for Iowa, 2019-2023 -- A1-33  
Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) County Yields for Iowa -- A1-44  
Cow Sell Calculator -- B2-35  
Cow Repurchase Calculator -- B2-35  
Metric Conversions -- C6-80  
Estimated Storage Capacity for Grains, Forages, and Liquids -- C6-82  


January 2024
Newsletter Articles
"Would You Rather" pork market edition  
Another strong production year  
Keys to understanding cattle market report lingo  
Information Files  
Estimated Costs of Crop Production in Iowa -- A1-20  
Decision Tools  
Estimated Costs of Crop Production in Iowa -- A1-20  
Crop Rotation Analyzer -- A1-20  
Comparison of Drying Systems Calculator -- A2-31  


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