Industry Analysis
Information Files
Economics of Cover Crops -- A1-91  
Risk Management Tools: Basics of Crop Insurance -- A1-58
Risk Management Practices: Organic No-Till Grain Production with Cover Crops -- A1-92  
Risk Management Practices: Pre-Harvest Marketing New Crop -- A2-55    
Risk Management Tools for Small- to Medium-Sized Cattle Feeders -- B1-54    
Risk Management Practices: Small- to Medium- Size Swine Producers -- B2-25    
Risk Management Practices: Financial Benchmarking -- C3-64  
Risk Management Practices: Avoid Employment Pitfalls on the Dairy Farm -- C1-83    
Risk Management Tools: Comparing Farmland Returns to Stock Market Investments -- C2-79  
Risk Management Tools: Farm Financial Performance Analysis -- C3-59  
Newsletter Articles
New Census shows Iowa agriculture is still dominated by family farms -- April 2024      
New Census of Agriculture reveals more farms, more farmers in Iowa -- March 2024      
Reliable high-speed internet an input into farming -- September 2023      
Nationwide management practice tool: Saving Tomorrow’s Agricultural Resources (STAR) -- January 2023      
Net returns to cereal rye in integrated Iowa operations -- January 2023      
Cover crops in Iowa: New survey results -- December 2022      
Census countdown begins for Iowa’s farmers and ranchers -- November 2022      
Farmers and cybersecurity -- January 2022      
Ag Decision Maker unveils new look for 25th anniversary -- March 2021      
The missing piece in the nutrient reduction puzzle: economic incentives -- December 2019      
New Census of Agriculture reveals much about Iowa farms -- September 2019      
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy annual report available -- March 2019      
Watershed improvement practices highlighted in publication series -- May 2018      
Specialty Production
Information Files
Using Whole-Farm and Enterprise Records to Make Decisions -- C1-41  
Pricing for Profit -- C1-55  
Evaluating Marketing Outlets -- C5-32    
Using Partial Budgets to Make Decisions -- C6-10  

Strategic Planning
Information Files
Strategic Management Concepts -- C6-39
Strategic Planning Terms -- C6-40    
Strategic Management for Farm Businesses -- C6-41    
Setting Personal, Family and Business Goals for Business Success -- C6-42    
What is Important to Me? -- C6-43    
External Scanning - Industry Analysis -- C6-44    
Internal Scanning -- C6-45    
Farm Business Strategies -- C6-46    
Growth Strategies by Type of Farm -- C6-47    
Portfolio Analysis and Enterprise Strategy Development -- C6-48    
New Ways of Thinking About Your Farm Business -- C6-49    

International Agriculture
Newsletter Articles
A brief argument for healthy US-China agricultural trade relations despite deglobalization pressures -- November 2020        
US-China Phase One Trade Deal and US agriculture: A big win for farmers or too good to be true? -- February 2020        
Who benefits most from China’s growing import demand due to African Swine Fever? -- August 2019        
Seven things to know about China to understand the trade war -- February 2019        
Key agricultural products in U.S.-China trade disputes: the proportional, the significant, and the substitutable -- April 2018        
Navigating the Chinese agricultural economy through the lens of Iowa -- February 2018        

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