Newsletter Archive 2023

December 2023
Outlook for land values in 2024 and beyond -- Rabail Chandio
All beef market participants strive to get a profit edge -- Lee Schulz
Cybersecurity on the Farm Conference to address internet security
Farm Transitions Conference to be held in Ames
Exports remain the key -- Chad Hart


November 2023
Crop insurance may affect tax planning decisions -- Charles Brown
The early view for 2023 -- Chad Hart
Aging Iowa farmers and the anticipated farmland transfer -- Rabail Chandio
Iowa’s notable impact in world agricultural trade -- Lee Schulz
Chandio named new extension economist



October 2023
Planning for end-of-life costs and expenses -- Kitt Tovar Jensen
Pork industry structural changes possible -- Lee Schulz
Exports remain a drag -- Chad Hart


September 2023
Reliable high-speed internet an input into farming -- Lee Schulz
Iowa, El Niño, and La Niña -- Don Hofstrand
Early harvest adjustments -- Chad Hart


August 2023
Conservation practices: EQIP and CSP cost-share and stacking carbon payments -- Alejandro Plastina
Beef cow herd keeps shrinking cyclically - Lee Schulz
High farm liquidity cushions against low margins -- Alejandro Plastina
Market shocks and egg prices -- Chad Hart
Supply and use shrinkage -- Chad Hart


July 2023
Hogs and Pigs Report advanced statistics -- Lee Schulz
Communication strategies and resources: Tools to improve relationships between farmland owners and producers -- Melissa O'Rourke
Farmland leasing meetings to address key topics impacting owners and tenants of Iowa farmland -- Ann Johanns
Summer 2023: the roller coaster -- Chad Hart


June 2023
Poorer crop conditions and weaker export sales -- Chad Hart
Keeping the ground covered -- Catherine DeLong
The impact of climate change on world agriculture -- Don Hofstrand
Iowa Farmland Ownership and Tenure Survey 1982–2022: a forty-year perspective -- Jingyi Tong and Wendong Zhang
Watching "smart money" commodity trading could pay -- Lee Schulz


May 2023
Profits entice cattle producers to expand to capture more profits -- Lee Schulz
Higher Midwest humidity -- Don Hofstrand
A reversal of fortunes -- Chad Hart
Record high cash rental rates -- Alejandro Plastina


April 2023
The focus shifts to planting -- Chad Hart
Climate change in Iowa -- Don Hofstrand
Outside forces cloud investment decision making for pork producers -- Lee Schulz
Integrated Crop Management News offers timely solutions for growers -- Erin Hodgson


March 2023
Custom rate survey guide released for 2023 -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
Assembling your estate planning team -- Kitt Tovar Jensen
There’s a new library in town -- Lee Schulz
More and stronger extreme weather events -- Don Hofstrand


February 2023
Beef cow herd to shrink for years to come -- Lee Schulz
A wetter and drier world -- Don Hofstrand
Crop producers need to act on farm bill decisions by March 15 -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
Crop insurance 2022 in review and call for participants for a crop insurance survey -- Hongli Feng
Global supplies and export challenges -- Chad Hart


January 2023
The 2022 crop year in review -- Chad Hart
Net returns to cereal rye in integrated Iowa operations -- Alejandro Plastina
Will swine breeding herd increases continue? -- Lee Schulz
Importance of Using a Written Lease: Trends and Resources -- Melissa O'Rourke
Nationwide management practice tool: Saving Tomorrow’s Agricultural Resources (STAR) -- Dennis Carney



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