Newsletter Archive 2022

December 2022
Record Iowa farmland values despite concerns about higher inflation, interest rates -- Wendong Zhang
Position in cattle cycle impacts replacement prices -- Lee Schulz
Cover crops in Iowa: New survey results -- Alejandro Plastina and Sriramjee Singh and J. Arbuckle
Oceans are becoming acidic -- Don Hofstrand
Farm Transitions Conference to be held in Ames February 9-10, 2023 -- Kitt Tovar Jensen
The struggles in international trade -- Chad Hart


November 2022
Crop insurance may affect tax planning decisions -- Charles Brown
Warming oceans raise sea level -- Don Hofstrand
Census countdown begins for Iowa’s farmers and ranchers
The early view for 2023-- Chad Hart
Registration open for Women in Ag Leadership Conference -- Madeline Schultz
Incentives matter for conservation practice adoption -- Lee Schulz


October 2022
Big inventory swings in some hog states -- Lee Schulz
Melting snow and ice raises sea level -- Don Hofstrand
Export concerns -- Chad Hart
Pro Ag Outlook and Management series begins in November -- Ann Johanns


September 2022
Farmland values, cash rents surge in 2022 -- Lee Schulz
Voices of Iowa women farmland owners -- Madeline Schultz
Disentangling input and output price relationships -- Lee Schulz
Arctic sea ice is disappearing -- Don Hofstrand
This year’s drought had some bite -- Chad Hart


August 2022
Strong beef demand boosts cull bull market -- Lee Schulz
Mixed messages -- Chad Hart
Scientific agreement on climate change -- Don Hofstrand


July 2022
The acreage debate is still not settled -- Chad Hart
Comparing the stock market and Iowa land values: A question of timing -- Wendong Zhang and Mike Duffy
Is the Earth’s warming just natural variability? -- Don Hofstrand
Hog producers rationally responding to market signals -- Lee Schulz
Evaluating production metrics in relation to sustainability in a wean-to-finish barn -- Erika Johnson, Garland Dahlke, Lance Baumgard and Jason Ross


June 2022
Returns to farmland ownership in Iowa -- William Edwards, Don Hofstrand, Ann Johanns
Many factors could support, derail cattle inventory trends -- Lee Schulz
Are volcanic eruptions warming the earth? -- Don Hofstrand
Statewide farmland leasing and management workshops address factors impacting 2023 farmland leases -- Ann Johanns
Strength in international sales -- Chad Hart


May 2022
Highest increase in cash rental rates in a decade -- Alejandro Plastina
Detailing the supply curve for beef -- Lee Schulz
Will an agricultural carbon market ever develop? -- Alejandro Plastina
Early adjustments -- Chad Hart
Is the sun causing the earth to warm? -- Don Hofstrand


April 2022
Consumers respond to meat price differences -- Lee Schulz
Has the earth’s climate changed before? -- Don Hofstrand
Hogs and pigs inventory contraction continues -- Lee Schulz
Custom rate survey shows average costs of common farming practices -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
Global adjustments in agriculture -- Chad Hart


March 2022
Ukraine, Russia, and crops -- Chad Hart
Some quirks but typical beef market trends expected -- Lee Schulz
The importance of water vapor -- Don Hofstrand


February 2022
Drought elsewhere helps -- Chad Hart
The role of ozone in global warming -- Don Hofstrand
Iowa’s beef cow herd is off and running -- Lee Schulz
Farm Financial Planning Program helps producers analyze their numbers -- Ann Johanns and Nancy Brannaman


January 2022
Cost management critical for a profitable crop season -- Alejandro Plastina
Sorting out hog production shocks -- Lee Schulz
Join us as we explore the essentials of a successful farm transition -- Kitt Tovar Jensen
Farmers and cybersecurity -- Doug Jacobson and Ally Frickel
Summarizing the 2021 crop year -- Chad Hart
Black carbon - the power of soot -- Don Hofstrand



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