Newsletter Archive 2021

December 2021
Strong by-product values lift cattle prices -- Lee Schulz
New publication details benchmarks for Iowa feedlot cattle -- Beth Doran
Nitrous oxide - long-lasting and powerful -- Don Hofstrand
Biofuel developments -- Chad Hart


November 2021
Gaining an understanding of carbon market programs -- Alejandro Plastina and Chad Hart
Methane - powerful but short-lived -- Don Hofstrand

How long will strong beef demand continue? -- Lee Schulz

Projections for 2022 -- Chad Hart


October 2021
Making sense of recent changes in hog inventories -- Lee Schulz
Big projected crops tend to get bigger -- Chad Hart
Carbon dioxide has warmed the planet before -- Don Hofstrand
Pro-A Outlook and Management Webinar Series set for Novemberg -- Ann Johanns and Chad Hart
Can dairy beef prices foretell future price trends -- Lee Schulz


September 2021
Sometimes expectations are met -- Chad Hart
Iowa beginning farmer tax credits and loan programs -- Steve Forguson and Tammy Nebola
The atmosphere is like a bathtub -- Don Hofstrand
Tools to manage volatile markets -- Lee Schulz


August 2021
The price balancing act -- Chad Hart
The power of carbon dioxide -- Don Hofstrand
Crop insurance coverage - frequently asked questions -- Iowa State University Farm Management Specialists
Avoid misinterpreting year-to-year cattle inventory changes -- Lee Schulz


July 2021
Lower acreage and more usage -- Chad Hart
Producers freshen the swine breeding herd -- Lee Schulz
The Greenhouse Effect is proven science -- Don Hofstrand
Carbon as a third cash crop? -- Alejandro Plastina


June 2021
Rain, grain and prices -- Chad Hart
Exploring the greenhouse effect -- Don Hofstrand
Cover crop cost-share programs in Iowa: do they work? -- Wendiam Sawadgo and Alejandro Plastina
Strong increases in cash rental rates in Iowa -- Alejandro Plastina
Poor start to haying and grazing season -- Lee Schulz


May 2021
The rally charges on -- Chad Hart
Exemption of sales tax on certain uses of utilities and fuel -- Charles Brown
The earth is getting warmer -- Don Hofstrand
Recapping 2020 through the cattle industry lens -- Lee Schulz


April 2021
Push-n-pull supporting hog prices -- Lee Schulz
What is the difference between weather and climate? -- Don Hofstrand and Eugene Takle
The projections are shifting fast -- Chad Hart


March 2021
An early glimpse at the 2021 marketing year -- Chad Hart
A trip through the science of a warming planet -- Don Hofstrand and Eugene Takle
Ag Decision Maker unveils new look for 25th anniversary -- Ann Johanns
Ground beef demand remains strong -- Lee Schulz


February 2021
Volatility continues to be a main feature of the markets -- Chad Hart
Managing farm costs key to profitability in 2021 -- Alejandro Plastina
No clear signals on beef cattle herd expansion -- Lee Schulz


January 2021
Talk of hog supply contraction is premature -- Lee Schulz
Factors driving prices -- Chad Hart
Outlook for land values in 2021 and beyond: results from the 2020 Iowa land value survey -- Wendong Zhang
Virtual farm bill meeting series for 2021 decisions -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns


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