Newsletter Archive 2020

December 2020
A trade-driven market -- Chad Hart
Organic beef captures price premiums -- Lee Schulz

Net farm income projection higher, debt forecast worse -- Lee Schulz
A brief argument for healthy US-China agricultural trade relations despite deglobalization pressures -- Wendong Zhang

October 2020
Fully incorporating the derecho -- Chad Hart
Understanding stats in USDA hogs and pigs reports -- Lee Schulz

September 2020
Starting to frame up the damage -- Chad Hart
Practical guidelines to file crop insurance losses due to the derecho -- Alejandro Plastina
Iowa Cover Crop - Crop Insurance Demonstration Pilot survey results -- Wendiam Sawadgo
Buy local meat business grows -- Lee Schulz

August 2020
Projected ARC/PLC payments in 2020 -- Alejandro Plastina
Between a rock and a hard place -- Chad Hart
Little change in mid-year cattle inventory -- Lee Schulz

July 2020
Farm lease types have different risks and rewards -- William Edwards
Agricultural professionals expect lower farmland values over the next 18 months -- Wendong Zhang and Michael Duffy
Some positive news for a change -- Chad Hart
What’s included and excluded in USDA hog numbers? -- Lee Schulz

June 2020
Rising cattle supplies face restricted packing capacity -- Lee Schulz
How to streamline your CFAP application -- Alejandro Plastina
Searching for a price boost -- Chad Hart
Mixed liquidity results for Iowa farms in 2019 -- Alejandro Plastina

May 2020
Another year, another crisis -- Chad Hart
Strive to market fed cattle at optimum weight – even in tough times -- Lee Schulz
Slight increases in cash rental rates in Iowa -- Alejandro Plastina

April 2020
The opportunities and challenges with industrial hemp -- Chad Hart
Hog producers limited in short-run to change production -- Lee Schulz
Suicide prevention program available virtually to agribusiness community -- David Brown

March 2020
Custom rates lower in 2020 -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
The number of days suitable for fieldwork in Iowa is shrinking -- William Edwards
Collection of county yield data, how does USDA NASS do it? -- Ann Johanns and Greg Thessen
Cattle market shaken by COVID-19  -- Lee Schulz

February 2020
Beef producers work to overcome 2019 challenges -- Lee Schulz
US-China Phase One Trade Deal and US agriculture: A big win for farmers or too good to be true? -- Wendong Zhang
Slippage in the markets -- Chad Hart

January 2020
Estimating costs of crop production vital for 2020 farm businesses -- Alejandro Plastina
Thinking about the U.S.-China trade deal -- Chad Hart
Economics spur expansion and help guide where hogs are produced -- Lee Schulz


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