Newsletter Archive 2019

December 2019
The missing piece in the nutrient reduction puzzle: economic incentives -- Alejandro Plastina
Iowa farmland value grows 2.3% in 2019, but barely exceeds inflation -- Wendong Zhang

Challenges and opportunities to beef farm succession -- Lee Schulz
Farm bill meetings happening across Iowa -- Kelvin Leibold and Ann Johanns
Online crop marketing course launched Nov. 10 -- Steven Johnson

October 2019
Farm liquidity slightly up, but still subdued -- Alejandro Plastina
Good grief - we just lost... -- Larry Tranel

September 2019
New Census of Agriculture reveals much about Iowa farms -- William Edwards
National farm safety and health week -- National Education Center for Agricultural Safety
Farm youth stress & challenges -- Larry Tranel

August 2019
Who benefits most from China’s growing import demand due to African Swine Fever? -- Tao Xiong and Wendong Zhang
Helping farm men under crisis -- Larry Tranel

July 2019
Comparing the stock market and Iowa land values: A question of timing -- Wendong Zhang and Michael Duffy
Statewide farmland leasing meetings address factors impacting 2020 leases

June 2019
Agricultural professionals expect lower land values and stable crop prices -- Wendong Zhang and Steven Johnson
Taking care of YOU in turbulent times - from one "dairy girl" to the next -- Jenn Bentley

May 2019
Keys when "married" to farm stress -- Larry Tranel
Uneven changes in cash rental rates in Iowa -- Alejandro Plastina

April 2019
A "PRIMER" on farm stress resiliency -- Larry Tranel
Questions frequently asked about prevented planting -- Steven Johnson

March 2019
Custom rates higher in 2019 -- Alejandro Plastina
Market reality, stress and grief -- Fred Hall and Larry Tranel
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy annual report available -- Brian Meyer, Lexi Marek, and Alex Murphy

February 2019
Seven things to know about China to understand the trade war -- Wendong Zhang

January 2019
Estimating costs of crop production vital for 2019 farm businesses -- Alejandro Plastina
Rethinking corn drying: drying throughout the winter using ground-stored heat -- Eric Jellum


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