Newsletter Archive 2018

December 2018
Commodity prices and higher interest rates drive modest farmland value loss -- Wendong Zhang
Production evidence for market facilitation program and crop insurance -- Steven Johnson
Is there a better way to support your charity? -- Charles Brown
Seminar addresses multigenerational farm transitions -- David Baker

Winter cash flow strategies -- Charles Brown
New tool helps farmers make cover crop decisions -- Alejandro Plastina
2018 income tax update -- Charles Brown
Pro-ag seminars to examine market outlook and farmland operating margins

October 2018
Cost-share programs for cover crops available to Iowa farmers in 2018 -- Alejandro Plastina and Wendiam Sawadgo
Soybean harvest strategy for securing MFP payment -- Steven Johnson
Iowa Concern Hotline provides resources for Iowa farmers -- Tammy Jacobs and Alejandro Plastina

September 2018
What can Iowa farmers expect from ARC/PLC and the Trade Assistance Package in 2018? -- Alejandro Plastina and Chad E. Hart
Overcoming the cash flow crunch -- Steven D. Johnson
National Farm Safety and Health Week, September 16–22, 2018 -- National Education Center for Agricultural Safety

August 2018
Crop revenue insurance proceeds - price loss versus yield loss -- Charles Brown
Conservation practices and land leases -- Angie Rieck-Hinz
The impact of climate change on world agriculture -- Don Hofstrand
Dairy farm stress webinar series now archived -- Jenn Bentley, Fred Hall, Larry Tranel

July 2018
Iowa farmland ownership and tenure survey 1982-2017: a thirty-five year perspective -- Wendong Zhang, Alejandro Plastina and Wendiam Sawadgo
The impact of climate change on Midwest agriculture -- Don Hofstrand
Farmland leasing meetings offer leasing arrangement information -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann M. Johanns

June 2018
What's in your crop marketing plan? -- Steven D. Johnson
Returns to farmland ownership in Iowa -- William Edwards, Don Hofstrand and Ann M. Johanns

May 2018
Cash rental rates slightly up in Iowa -- Alejandro Plastina
New online tool can help farmers see value of cover crops and paths to profitability -- Tamsyn Jones and Meghan Filbert
Watershed improvement practices highlighted in publication series -- Jamie Benning

April 2018
Key agricultural products in U.S.-China trade disputes: the proportional, the significant, and the substitutable -- Minghao Li, Wendong Zhang and Chad E. Hart
A look at long-term corn and soybean profitability -- Don Hofstrand
Initial, delayed, and prevented planting decisions -- Steven D. Johnson

March 2018
ISU survey shows decline in custom rates across operations in 2018 -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann M. Johanns
During this time of low net returns and operating loan rejections, farmers’ access to supportive hotlines can be life saving -- Harwood D. Schaffer and Daryll E. Ray
USDA NASS county yield results from 2017 -- Ann M. Johanns

February 2018
Navigating the Chinese agricultural economy through the lens of Iowa -- Wendong Zhang and Minghao Li
Expect lower premiums for 2018 crop insurance -- Steven D. Johnson

January 2018
Lower land and crop input costs barely offset higher fuel and labor costs in 2018 -- Alejandro Plastina
How well does your farm business perform? -- Charles Brown
Iowa State develops new crush margin app for cattle and hog producers



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