Newsletter Archive 2017

December 2017
Iowa farmland values increase after three years of decline -- Wendong Zhang
Census countdown begins for Iowa’s farmers and ranchers
Custom fit your farm lease -- William Edwards

China’s new nationwide E10 ethanol mandate and its global implications -- Minghao Li,Wendong Zhang and Dermot Hayes
Communication is key when cash flow is tight -- Steven Johnson

October 2017
Are agricultural professionals’ farmland value and crop price forecasts consistent? -- Wendong Zhang and Wei Zhang
What is in your control, and what isn’t? -- Gary Wright
See a farm’s complete financial picture with farm financial planning program -- Chad Hart and Ann Johanns
The 18th annual insuring Iowa’s agriculture workshop

September 2017
Financial stress in Iowa farms -- Alejandro Plastina
New grain bid comparison tool -- Steven Johnson
Crop Revenue insurance proceeds -- price loss versus yield loss -- Charles Brown
National Farm Safety and Health Week, September 17-23, 2017

August 2017
Crop insurance coverage-frequently asked questions in times of drought or floods -- Charles Brown and Steven Johnson
Land quality perceptions in expert opinion surveys: evidence from Iowa -- Wendong Zhang and Michael Duffy

July 2017
Where are Iowa and U.S. land values headed? -- Wendong Zhang
Research briefs from the ISU Department of Economics
Farmland leasing meetings

June 2017
Developing a crop marketing plan -- Steven Johnson
Increase leasing arrangement knowledge and communication between tenants and land owners at 2017 Farmland Leasing Meetings -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
Produce better tenant-landowner communications with a farmland lease annual report -- Melissa O'Rourke

May 2017
Cash rental rates fall for a fourth consecutive year in Iowa -- Alejandro Plastina
Ag cooperatives consolidating, too -- Keri Jacobs

April 2017
Custom rates and machinery rental rates shared in the 2017 Iowa farm custom rate survey -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
Adding additional work off-the-farm -- Ann Johanns and Tim Eggers

March 2017
Co-ops managing through low margins -- Keri Jacobs
Mediation provides assistance to farmers facing financial difficulties -- Chad Hart
USDA announces CRP changes to help improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and land transfers to beginning farmers -- Wendong Zhang and Adam Janke

February 2017
Lower costs bring cautious optimism in 2017 -- Alejandro Plastina
Why have farm family living expenses been identified as a problem? -- Tim Eggers

January 2017
Interpretation of Iowa land value survey results -- Wendong Zhang
Livestock prices stabilizing after rollercoaster rise and fall -- Lee Schulz


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