Newsletter Archive 2016

December 2016
Of maize and markets: China’s new corn policy -- Qianrong Wu and Wendong Zhang

Payments under 2014 Farm Bill safety net provide small cushion for producers in many Iowa counties -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
Relieving farm cash flow problems with commodity credit loans -- Charles Brown and Steven Johnson
ISU Extension and Outreach offers one-on-one farm financial planning support -- Chad Hart and Ann Johanns
Changes in financial indicators for a panel of Iowa farms -- Alejandro Plastina
2016 Iowa State University Land Value Survey -- Wendong Zhang

October 2016
How tight is the farmland supply in Iowa? -- Wendong Zhang
Caution: cash flow problems ahead -- Steven Johnson

September 2016
Join Start to Farm, a network for new farmers -- Margaret Smith and Patrick Gunn
Crude oil prices and U.S. crop exports: exploring the secondary links between the energy and ag markets -- Chad Hart and Wendong Zhang

August 2016
Farm newsletters -- are they worth the effort? -- Tim Eggers
Protecting human resources should be part of farm risk management -- Ann Johanns

July 2016
Iowa State University Beginning Farmer Center is expanding programs -- William Edwards

Research briefs from the ISU Department of Economics

Impact of ISU Extension and Outreach leasing programs -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns

June 2016

How accurate and useful is the ISU Cash Rent Survey? -- Alejandro Plastina

Farmland leasing meetings to increase understanding of rental agreements -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
New website for regional corn nitrogen rate calculator -- John Sawyer
Farm Transitions: Preserving Your Legacy

May 2016
Cash rental rates fall for a third consecutive year in Iowa -- Alejandro Plastina
Selling spring and summer price rallies -- Steven Johnson

April 2016
Comparing the stock market and Iowa land values: A question of timing -- Wendong Zhang and Michael Duffy
Why USDA NASS yields are not used to project ARC-CO payments -- Alejandro Plastina

March 2016
ARC/PLC payments in 2016 and 2017 -- Alejandro Plastina, Chad Hart and Christopher Anderson
Iowa farm custom rate survey provides guidance for hiring -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
Updated tools for calculating net present value of beef replacement females -- Lee Schulz and Patrick Gunn

February 2016
Five ways to control farm machinery costs in 2016 -- William Edwards
Extension and Outreach offers one-stop Iowa data resource center -- Sandra Oberbroeckling
Research briefs from the ISU Department of Economics

January 2016
2016 gross crop margins negative despite lower costs -- Alejandro Plastina
Iowa 2015 land values survey - results and outlook -- Wendong Zhang


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