Newsletter Archive 2015

December 2015
Who owns and rents Iowa's farmland? -- Wendong Zhang
Iowa crop farming profitability in the 21st century -- Don Hofstrand

2015 farm income tax -- tale of two tails -- Charles Brown
How different is Chinese agriculture from the U.S.? -- Wendong Zhang

October 2015
Farm financial management: 16 ways to stretch cash flow -- William Edwards and Ann Johanns
Two-year case study shows energy used for grain drying -- Dana Schweitzer
Research briefs from the ISU Department of Economics

September 2015
Cash rent increases: When is the right time to give up a lease? -- Tina Barrett
Watch demand and basis -- Steven Johnson
National Farm Safety & Health Week 2015

August 2015
Farm employee management: Protecting farm workers during the hot days of summer -- Melissa O'Rourke
Expect fall storage challenges -- Steven Johnson
CenUSA Bioenergy in 2015 -- Jill Euken, Sorrel Brown, and Ann Johanns

July 2015
Farmland leasing meetings will increase understanding of rental arrangement -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns

Strive to capture storage margins -- Steven Johnson

ISU Extension and Outreach provides resources on human impact of avian influenza -- Debra Sellers, Kristin Taylor, and Laura Sternweiss

June 2015

Land rents decline but margins do not improve -- Alejandro Plastina

Five strategies for managing 2015 crop financial risks -- Steven Johnson
New ARC-CO and PLC spreadsheets calculate projected payments -- Alejandro Plastina
Review crop marketing fundamentals in new video series -- Chad Hart and Steven Johnson

May 2015
The capital structures of Iowa’s grain and agriculture supply firms: are cooperatives different than their investor-owned counterparts? -- Keri Jacobs
Research briefs from the ISU Department of Economics

April 2015
The reliability of the USDA March 31 prospective plantings report -- Steven Johnson
Acreage Living newsletter addresses April showers, May flowers and other spring issues -- Christa Hartsook and Linda Naeve
Value of the dollar and exports of major agricultural crops -- Daryll Ray and Harwood Schaffer

March 2015
Iowa farm custom rate survey shows slight increases for 2015 -- Alejandro Plastina and Ann Johanns
ISU Extension offers farm financial planning support -- Ann Johanns and Chad Hart
Crop and livestock land use analyzer -- William Edwards

February 2015
New and updated Iowa State University farm bill tools -- Alejandro Plastina
Retirement resources for every age -- Barb Wollan and Laura Sternweiss
Dividing up assets after death -- Neil Harl

January 2015
2015 crop cost estimates released -- Steven Johnson
Iowa land values survey - results and outlook -- Michael Duffy


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