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Tracking the Profitability of Ethanol Production -- D1-10     
Tracking Biodiesel Profitability -- D1-15      
Midwest Ethanol Prices        
Ethanol Basis      
Fuel vs. Grain (updated quarterly)      
Fuel vs. Grain (updated annually)      
Climate Change
Newsletter Articles
Iowa, El Niño, and La Niña -- September 2023    
The impact of climate change on world agriculture -- June 2023    
Higher Midwest humidity -- May 2023    
Climate change in Iowa -- April 2023    
More and stronger extreme weather events -- March 2023    
A wetter and drier world -- February 2023    
Oceans are becoming acidic -- December 2022    
Warming oceans raise sea level -- November 2022    
Melting snow and ice raises sea level -- October 2022    
Arctic sea ice is disappearing -- September 2022    
Scientific agreement on climate change -- August 2022    
Is the Earth’s warming just natural variability? -- July 2022    
Are volcanic eruptions warming the earth? -- June 2022    
Is the sun causing the earth to warm? -- May 2022    
Has the earth’s climate changed before? -- April 2022    
The importance of water vapor -- March 2022    
The role of ozone in global warming -- February 2022    
Black carbon - the power of soot -- January 2022    
Nitrous oxide - long-lasting and powerful -- December 2021    
Methane - powerful but short-lived -- November 2021    
Carbon dioxide has warmed the planet before -- October 2021    
The atmosphere is like a bathtub -- September 2021    
The power of carbon dioxide -- August 2021    
The Greenhouse Effect is proven science -- July 2021    
Exploring the greenhouse effect -- June 2021    
The earth is getting warmer -- May 2021    
What is the difference between weather and climate? -- April 2021    
A trip through the science of a warming planet -- March 2021    
Information Files
How to Grow and Sell Carbon Credits in US Agriculture -- A1-76      
How do Data and Payments Flow through Ag Carbon Programs? -- A1-77      
Newsletter Articles
Will an agricultural carbon market ever develop? -- May 2022  
Biofuel developments -- December 2021  
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