Updated November, 2019
File A1-26

Making the Transition from Conventional to Organic

This publication provides information on making plans to transition to organic crop production within a 5-year period, and supports the associated Decision Tool, Making the Transition from Conventional to Organic Production -- A1-26. The spreadsheet allows the user to choose which crops to change first, as well as to develop a whole-farm summary to see how returns are affected each year of the transition process. The spreadsheet uses a five-year transition process. Conventional budgets are available for corn, soybean, and oat. Organic budgets are provided for corn, soybean, oat, and alfalfa. A blank budget is available to enable the user to input a crop that is not listed (e.g., barley, wheat, clover, etc.)


Craig Chase, retired extension specialist


Craig Chase

retired extension specialist
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Use this decision tool to evaluate the transition to organic production across a 5-year period.