Basics of Cooperatives

These resources provide an overview on the uniqueness of cooperative organizations in terms governance, capitalization, benefits to their owners, and motives.

Basics of Cooperatives

Career Perspectives, Advice & Insight -- June 2, 2020, Summer 2020 Summer Cooperatives Course


Cooperative Foundations -- May 26, 2020, Summer 2020 Cooperative Intern and New Employee Workshop, Session I


Historic Foundations


Ownership and Governance


How Cooperatives Differ


Economic Benefits


Benefits to Employees



These resources provide an overview on cooperative consolidations.

Newsletter articles

Ag cooperatives consolidating, too -- May 2017


Financials and Capitalization

Financials and Capitalization
Information Files

The Non-Price Risks of Credit Sale Contracts: Know Your Grain Buyer -- A2-81


Evaluating A Company's Financial Position before Selling Grain on Deferred Price Contracts -- FMR 1893


Leadership, Governance and Strategy

These resources provide an overview on cooperative leadership, governance and strategy.

Outlook and Current Conditions

Newsletter Articles

Co-ops managing through low margins -- March 2017


Patronage and Taxation

Patronage and Taxation
Information Files

How Patronage from Selling Grain to a Cooperative Affects Your Net Marketing Price -- A2-80


The Section 199A Deduction: Potential Impacts on Farm Prices and Income -- A2-82

Voiced Media

The Impact of Tax Reform on Agricultural Cooperatives



Information Files

Estimated Costs of Production for Winter Canola in Iowa -- A1-24


To Grow or not to Grow: A Tool for Comparing Returns to Switchgrass for Bioenergy with Annual Crops and CRP -- A1-27

Condominium Grain Storage -- A2-36

Forward Contracting by Iowa Corn Producers: Connecting Hedging with Price Movements -- APR Spring 2016

A Discussion of the Sec 199A Deduction and its Potential Impacts on Producers and Grain Marketing Firms


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