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Information Files
Deductible Livestock Costs for Adjusting Income Tax Returns -- B1-15    
Federal Gift Taxes -- C4-23    
Federal Estate Taxes -- C4-24    
Iowa Inheritance Tax -- C4-25      
Beginning Farmer Tax Credit and Loan Programs -- Iowa Agricultural Development Division    
Farmers Tax Guide -- IRS Publication 225      
The Ag Docket-Perspective on Current Agricultural Law Issues from the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation    
Newsletter Articles
Crop insurance may affect tax planning decisions -- November 2022      
Iowa beginning farmer tax credits and loan programs -- September 2021      
Exemption of sales tax on certain uses of utilities and fuel -- May 2021      
Is there a better way to support your charity? -- December 2018      
2018 Income tax update -- November 2018      
Information Files
Newsletter Articles

Legal Issues
Information Files
Legal Considerations for Hunting Leases -- C2-45  

Center for Ag Law and Taxation -- Iowa Resources

  • Iowa Fence Requirements: A Legal Review
  • Rural Premises Liability in Iowa: A Legal Review
  • Iowa Agricultural Liens: A Legal Review
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