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Livestock Planning Prices -- B1-10  
Deductible Livestock Costs for Adjusting Income Tax Returns -- B1-15
Historical Hog and Lamb Prices -- B2-10
Historical Cattle Prices -- B2-12  
Seasonal Hog Price Patterns -- B2-14  
Change in Hog Prices by Two-week Period -- B2-15
Seasonal Cattle Price Patterns -- B2-19  
Change in Cattle Prices by Two-week Period -- B2-20  
Suggested Closing Inventory Prices -- C1-40  
Newsletter Articles
Retailers work hard to boost beef sales -- June 2024    
Economic impact of Perry pork processing plant closure -- May 2024    
Why USDA beef supply and use forecasts change over time -- May 2024    
Unraveling other disappearance–the feedlot inventory fudge factor -- April 2024    
When subtraction leads to larger pig crops -- April 2024    
Internal and external uses compete for hay and grazing land -- March 2024    
Cattle, sheep inventory cycles are changing -- February 2024    
Keys to understanding cattle market report lingo -- January 2024    
"Would You Rather" pork market edition -- January 2024    
All beef market participants strive to get a profit edge -- December 2023    
Iowa’s notable impact in world agricultural trade -- November 2023    
Pork industry structural changes possible -- October 2023    
Beef cow herd keeps shrinking cyclically -- August 2023    
Hogs and Pigs Report advanced statistics -- July 2023    
Watching "smart money" commodity trading could pay -- June 2023    
Profits entice cattle producers to expand to capture more profits -- May 2023    
Outside forces cloud investment decision making for pork producers -- April 2023    
There’s a new library in town -- March 2023    
Beef cow herd to shrink for years to come -- February 2023    
Will swine breeding herd increases continue? -- January 2023    
Position in cattle cycle impacts replacement prices -- December 2022    
Incentives matter for conservation practice adoption -- November 2022    
Big inventory swings in some hog states -- October 2022    
Disentangling input and output price relationships -- September 2022    
Strong beef demand boosts cull bull market -- August 2022    
Hog producers rationally responding to market signals -- July 2022    
Many factors could support, derail cattle inventory trends -- June 2022    
Detailing the supply curve for beef -- May 2022    
Hogs and pigs inventory contraction continues -- April 2022    
Consumers respond to meat price differences -- April 2022    
Some quirks but typical beef market trends expected -- March 2022    
Iowa’s beef cow herd is off and running -- February 2022    
Sorting out hog production shocks -- January 2022    
Strong by-product values lift cattle prices -- December 2021    
How long will strong beef demand continue? -- November 2021    
Can dairy beef prices foretell future price trends -- October 2021    
Making sense of recent changes in hog inventories -- October 2021    
Avoid misinterpreting year-to-year cattle inventory changes -- August 2021    
Producers freshen the swine breeding herd -- July 2021    
Recapping 2020 through the cattle industry lens -- May 2021    
Push-n-pull supporting hog prices -- April 2021    
Ground beef demand remains strong -- March 2021    
No clear signals on beef cattle herd expansion -- February 2021    
Talk of hog supply contraction is premature -- January 2021    
Understanding stats in USDA hogs and pigs reports -- October 2020    
Buy local meat business grows -- September 2020    
Little change in mid-year cattle inventory -- August 2020    
What’s included and excluded in USDA hog numbers? -- July 2020    
Rising cattle supplies face restricted packing capacity -- June 2020    
Strive to market fed cattle at optimum weight – even in tough times -- May 2020    
Hog producers limited in short-run to change production -- April 2020    
Beef producers work to overcome 2019 challenges -- February 2020    
Economics spur expansion and help guide where hogs are produced -- January 2020    


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