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Farm Bill Programs: Data and Methods for ARC-County and PLC -- A1-33  

2023-2024 ARC-CO & PLC Payment Estimator for Iowa (Updated March 2023)

2018 Farm Bill Payment Projections and Data by Crop and County (2019-2022 crop years) (Updated March 2023 )

2014 Farm Bill Payment Data by County for ARC-CO and PLC

Season Average Price Calculator -- A2-15 Season Average Price Calculator (Updated monthly)
Map of ARC-CO/PLC Payments - CARD    
Safety Net: PLC, ARC-CO, ARC-IC -- A1-32

2014 ARC Payments

2015 ARC Payments

2016 ARC Payments

2017 ARC Payments

PLC Projected Payments

Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) -- A1-44

SCO and ECO county yields for Iowa

ECO/SCO Payment Estimator - University of Illinois farmdoc FAST Tool

Farm Bill: Terms to Know -- A1-30  
2018 Farm Bill: PLC Payment Yield Update -- A1-35
Newsletter Articles
Projected ARC/PLC payments in 2020 -- August 2020    
Cost-share programs for cover crops available to Iowa farmers in 2018 -- October 2018    
What can Iowa farmers expect from ARC/PLC and the Trade Assistance Package in 2018? -- September 2018    
Payments under 2014 Farm Bill safety net provide small cushion for producers in many Iowa counties -- November 2016    
Why USDA NASS yields are not used to project ARC-CO payments -- April 2016    
ARC/PLC payments in 2016 and 2017 -- March 2016    


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2022 Farm Bill Decisions | January - February 2022

The election and enrollment deadline for ARC/PLC with the USDA Farm Service Agency was March 15, 2022. This educational series was provided to aid Iowa producers in finalizing their farm bill decisions for 2022. The series is provided at no charge and open to all, regardless of their county of operation. Examples used in regional sessions focus on that area of the state with a regional Farm Management Field Specialist as the speaker.

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ARC and PLC Producer Webtools

Updated: February 2023

The election and enrollment period for the 2023 crop closed on March 15, 2023.