Custom Operations
Information Files
Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey -- A3-10  
Historical Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey -- A3-12  
Custom Farming - A Share of the Crop -- A3-13
Custom Farming: An Alternative to Leasing -- A3-15
Grain Harvesting Equipment and Labor in Iowa -- A3-16
Newsletter Articles
Custom rate survey guide released for 2023 -- March 2023  
Custom rate survey shows average costs of common farming practices -- April 2022  
Custom rates lower in 2020 -- March 2020  
Custom rates higher in 2019 -- March 2019    
ISU survey shows decline in custom rates across operations in 2018 -- March 2018    
Machinery Management
Information Files
Acquiring Farm Machinery Services -- A3-21    
Buying Used Machinery -- A3-22  
Estimating the Field Capacity of Farm Machines -- A3-24  
Days Suitable for Fieldwork in Iowa -- A3-25    
Fuel Required for Field Operations -- A3-27  
Farm Machinery Selection -- A3-28    
Estimating Farm Machinery Costs -- A3-29  
Replacement Strategies for Farm Machinery -- A3-30    
Transferring Ownership of Farm Machinery -- A3-32    
Self-Propelled Harvesting and Spraying: Machinery Ownership Versus Custom Hire -- A3-33    
Joint Machinery Ownership -- A3-34  
Machinery Leasing -- Is It for You? -- A3-35    
Farm Machinery Joint Ventures -- A3-37    
Farm Machinery Joint Venture Worksheet -- A3-38    
Motor Vehicle Cost Analyzer -- A3-40  
Estimating Grain Transportation Costs -- A3-41  
Grain Harvesting and Handling (GH2) System Sizing Tool -- A3-42  
Newsletter Articles
The number of days suitable for fieldwork in Iowa is shrinking -- March 2020  


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