Water Connects Us All

water connects us all

The Water Connects US All Challenge is a part of the 4-H Ag Innovators Experience, an annual program that challenges young people to apply critical thinking and STEM skills to a real-world agriculture challenge. In Iowa, the collaborative, hands-on challenge will help youth learn about the importance of ecosystems like wetlands, understand science concepts like water and nitrogen cycles, and explore ways to improve water quality.

The curriculum uses a series of hands-on activities to teach youth about water, watersheds, ecosystem services, the intersection between the nitrogen cycle and crop production, issues with water pollution, and conservation practices to mitigate water pollution.
Activity 1: Background information via discussion and powerpoint
Activity 2: How wetlands work
Activity 3: Engineered Conservation Practices
Activity 4: Watershed Management Authority: Students negotiate with their team to identify and implement practices to have the greatest impact for the community.

trainingThe following materials and resources will be supplied:

  • Facilitator Guide with directions for leading the activities
  • PowerPoint that provides background information and fosters discussion
  • Supplies to conduct the hands-on learning experiences
  • Engagement with trained educators who can lead activities via video conference
  • An opportunity for educators to participate in virtual professional development