ISU STEM Learning Resources

Here are just a few of the opportunities!

The Biotechnology Outreach Education Center
The Biotechnology Outreach Education Center offers hands-on laboratory experiences and bioethics activities for students from elementary through college age and adults. Teachers and extension educators may consult with Iowa State's outreach education coordinator to develop a unique educational experience for their students, or select from the list of experiments and activities below.

Students can visit the center for an hour or two as part of a field trip or participate in multiple-day workshops. College instructors preparing students for teaching careers in agriculture, biology, or family and consumer sciences have made the center part of their pre-service programs.

Iowa State Engineering Kids
ISEK, or Iowa State Engineering Kids, is a program from the Iowa State University College of Engineering Outreach & Education that promotes science, technology and engineering to K-12 students. We offer outreach and education programs to students and teachers in their own classrooms as well as summer camps and activities where kids get the opportunity to learn about engineering. Additionally, we host the Iowa Championship for FIRST LEGO League.

Go! Magazine / ¡Vamos!
Go! is a free, online magazine (e-zine) that is primarily for and by young people. Go! provides a forum for learning about transportation and transportation careers in the format that teenagers use the most—electronic—and from a perspective they are most likely to respond to—their peers’. Teachers and administrators in middle schools, high schools, and community colleges can also take advantage of Go!’s various tools.

Go! includes articles, blogs, media, games on all aspects of transportation. It also includes a feature called Curriculum Connections that highlights the STEM in transportation.

Go! has a Spanish version, ¡Vamos!. Both magazines are published and managed by Iowa State University’s Institute for Transportation (InTrans).

IT-Adventures is an innovative program that is dedicated to increasing interest in and awareness of IT among high school students through inquiry-based learning focused on three content areas:  cyber defense, game design programming, and robotics.  
IT-Adventures utilizes secondary, post-secondary, and industry partnerships in educational programming, competitive events and service learning projects aimed at the high school students, as well as workshops and classes for high school teachers, to accomplish its goal. 

Toying with Technology
We live in a world of electronic and electromechanical gadgetry, much of which is a complete mystery to the average, non-technical person. Garage door openers, TV remote controllers, microwave ovens, automobile cruise controllers, and cellular phones are but a few such items in wide use today. As complex as these gadgets seem on the surface, much of the mystery behind their functionality can be explained in simple terms well within the grasp of the average, non-technical person. The intent of the course is to introduce students to recent advances in electronic technology in a gentle, non-threatening manner. Laboratory experiences typically involve the design and construction (out of LEGOs®) of simple models of real-world systems, including an elevator and its controller, a garage door and its opener, a computer - controlled car, and a house security system.

Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) – CBiRC
The CBiRC pre-college education program sponsors and supports 11th–12th grade students as Young Engineers & Scientists by aligning their science interests into CBiRC faculty mentor research labs. Two tracks are available: one for high school students who are interested in a summer research internship; the second for high school students who wish to pursue scientific research goals throughout the academic school year.

Program for Women in Science and Engineering
The Program for Women in Science and Engineering (PWSE) at Iowa State University began providing statewide K-12 outreach programming during its founding year in 1986.  Our programmatic efforts align with the Vision and Mission of the PWSE.  The purpose of our outreach programs is to engage K-12 students in hands-on, experiential activities that foster an interest, and generate an overall awareness of the opportunities in STEM fields so that  an increasingly diverse pool of students choose to pursuit and persist in a STEM field.
Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) contribute greatly to Iowa’s and the nation’s capacity for innovation, and are among the United States’ fastest growing and highest paying careers opportunities.  Integrative outreach programs are an effective way to promote higher order critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are needed to generate creative local and global solutions.