State Fair 4-H Static Exhibits Handbook

Iowa State Fair August 12-22, 2021

Rules, Class Descriptions and Exhibit Evaluation

County Staff-only information, click here.

Exhibit Check In and Check Out

  • 2019 Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibitor Instructions and Letter 
  • 2019 County Exhibit Quotas
  • 2019 Exhibit Check-In Schedule
  • 2019 Exhibit Check-Out Time Sign-Up Form
    • Please sign up for one time, and one starting "station." You will rotate to all departments necessary, but on this sign-up you will select your initial pick-up station to begin the process.
  • 2019 Large Exhibit Check-In
    • Please fill out and submit for large exhibits being checked in August 5th 4-6:30pm or being delievered at your scheduled county time August 6
  • 2019 Large Exhibit Check-out for Sunday, August 18
    • Please let us know about exhibits that will be individually checked out Sunday, August 18th. Exhibit check out does not begin until 7PM by order of the Iowa State Fair Board. Individual Exhibit check out must be completed by 8 PM. If you plan to check out on Monday, August 19th you will not need to fill out a form.  
  • 2019 Exhibit Check-In and Check-Out Instructions 
    • Fair Entry Exhibit Tags and Report Help Sheet
  • 2019 Additional Sunday Night Checkout Instructions

2020 Iowa State Fair Entry Videos and Helps Sheets:

  • Clothing Event entry help videos - visit the awardrobe page
  • Communications Event Entry Steps - TBD
  • Communications Individual Exhibitor Entry Video - TBD
  • Promoting Entries from County Fair to State Fair - TBD
  • Static Event Entry Steps - TBD
  • Static Event Entry Video - TBD
  • Fair Entry Printed Exhibit Tags = Avery 8387, perforated, 4/page

4-H Exhibit Resources by Project Area

All Project Areas

Food and Nutrition


  • PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT QUOTAS: Counties see 2018 County Quotas for details of restrictions.
  • Photography Exhibit Label 4HP 5220 (PDF) (MSWord)
  • Photography Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)
  • Digital Photography Evaluation Form (PDF) (MSWord)

Science, Mechanics, Technology

Awardrobe Clothing Event