State Fair 4-H Communication Events

Iowa State Fair August 12-22, 2021

4-H Communications Events

  • 2019 Communication Event Reservations
  • Instructions for 2019 Communications Reservations
  • 2019 Iowa State Fair 4-H Exhibits, Communications and Awardrobe Premium Book and Schedule
  • Counties may bring up to
    • 6 Educational Presentations
    • 4 Working Exhibits
    • 3 Share-The-Fun
    • 2 Extemporaneous Speakers
    • 2 Communications Posters
    • We will not schedule more than two performances from one county during a noon Share The Fun show. 

All Communications Exhibitors

  • If you are coming to watch our outstanding 4-H members demonstrate their communication skills, morning events begin at 9:00AM and afternoon events begin at 1:30 PM. Share-The-Fun performances are at noon and 5:00 PM, *Exception: August 11, Share-The-Fun performances will be at 12:30 PM and 5 PM.   
  • Communications Events Parking Information


T-Shirts provided by Iowa State Fair & Touchstone Energy. Please write your thank yous to Gary D. Slater, Manager & CEO, Iowa State Fair, PO Box 57130, Des Moines IA 50317-0003, and your closest Touchstone Energy Cooperative. Go to, click on “Find your co-op," located in the top left corner of the page, then find your co-op by entering your zip code.

Educational Presentations

Working Exhibits


Extemporaneous Speaking


Counties may bring up to 6 Educational Presentations, 4 Working Exhibits, 3 Share-The-Fun, and 2 Extemporaneous Speakers. We will not schedule more than two (2) performances from a county during a Noon Share The Fun show.  2 Communications Posters per county.