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National Shooting Sports Championship Competition - CANCELED.  
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SESS Youth Camp, June 20-21, 2020 - CANCELED

This year we are bringing back the SESS Youth camp! It will be similar to previous years where we will give lessons on four of the shooting sports disciplines. We will be hosting our two day overnight camp at Sunstream Retreat Center located in Ogden, Iowa. On the first day of camp, we will have the opportunity for students to complete their hunter safety certificate with training. In order to participate in this part of the camp, the online portion must be completed first. There will be other activities focused around the four disciplines for those who do not wish to complete their hunter safety certificate. We will also cover the 4-H shooting sports code of ethics, rules, and regulations of the four disciplines. We will have opportunities for the youth to be involved in and learn about archery, rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader. During these main points of the camp, youth will learn the proper handling of equipment and firearms.  The camp will begin tentatively at 10:30 am on Saturday the 20th (registration and drop off beginning at 10:00 am) and we will finish the camp tentatively at 3:30 pm on Sunday the 21st (pick up time until 4:00 pm). During their stay, all meals will be provided. After a Saturday filled with fun and learning about shooting sports we will have a group activity followed by a full night's sleep in the cabins. Registration is now open for youth entering 4th-8th grade (2020-2021 school year) and we are also looking for volunteers to help us with this camp!
If you are still looking for more information, have specific questions, or would like to volunteer please or call (507) 481-6036.

2020 Iowa National Shooting Sports Team

2019 Summer Postal Results

Winter Postal Match 2019-2020

Time frame: November, December, January, February, Marchtwo girls smiling with guns

Register online.  The league fee for each registrant is $5.50. Registration will close at 11:59pm on January 31, 2020.
For questions or problems with the online registration system, contact ISU Registration Services at 515-294-6222.

Scores for record:  Coaches will email monthly scores for all divisions to  Any questions regarding rules and scoring should be referred to the instructors that are listed below:

All scores shot for record should be submitted by the end of each month, one score per shooter per discipline per month.  Late scores will not be accepted.  All leaders and youth competing must read Winter Postal Rules 2019-20.  If there are any questions about these rules contact the Coaches listed above or Patty Gibler, 515-294-5939.

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