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4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Training

Fall 2024 SESS Volunteer Instructor Training
Dates - TBD
Ames, IA

4-H Shooting Sports State Competition

August 24, 2024
Big Springs Shooting Ranch, 4945 IA146 Searsboro, IA 50242

The annual Iowa 4-H Shooting Sports State Competition is an opportunity for 4-H youth in grades 4-12 to test their shooting skills against others from across the state in Compound Archery, Recurve/Freestyle Archery, Genesis Archery, Muzzleloader, Air Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, Shotgun, and Wildlife competitions.

Youth must have had a minimum of 10 hours of supervised instruction by a 4-H Certified Shooting Sports Leader/Coach that includes classroom and range instruction in any discipline the youth wishes to compete in. Before registering for this event, parents must verify with their youth’s 4-H Shooting Sports Leader/Coach that their youth has had 10 hours of instruction in any discipline the youth wishes to compete in. Youth may register for up to two discipline competition events.

Registration: Available through 4HOnline June 1-July 31. Spots are limited, and participants will register for specific event times.

Cost: $25 for each event registration. Shotgun has an additional $20 charge for targets.

4-H Shooting Sports Postal Competitions

Registration: Available through 4-HOnline

Winter Postal: November, December, January, February, March
Summer Postal: May, June, July, August, September


Please submit 2024 Summer Postal scores through this JotForm.

The Postal competitions will give awards for Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age divisions in Compound Archery, Mathew Genesis Archery, Recurve Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle, and Shotgun. Youth must be at least 9 years old to participate in Archery and Rifle, and youth must be at least 12 years old to participate in Muzzleloader and Shotgun.

All scores shot for record should be submitted by the end of each month, with one score per shooter per discipline per month. Late scores will not be accepted. Monthly scores for Shotgun participants need to include their “longest run,” which is the most targets that a participant hits in a row. Handicap scores are no longer needed for Shotgun Postal scoring. If there are any questions about these rules, contact the coaches listed or Allison Brundy at

Postal Scoring Questions

Archery – Dave Luett,
Muzzleloader – Joel Van Zante,
Air Rifle-Steven Smiley,
Smallbore Rifle-Steven Smiley,
Shotgun Trap – Dean Mueller,

4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Information

The success of 4-H programs relies heavily on dedicated volunteers.  Shooting sports instructors are responsible for the overall coordination and management of the county/area 4-H shooting sports program. If you are interested in being a volunteer or instructor for a shooting sports program, contact your county ISU Extension Office today. 

  1. Administration: follow state plan, policies, and risk management requirements. Complete reports,  maintain 4-H membership records, and maintain equipment inventories.
  2. Communications: develop good working relationships with members, parents, instructors, volunteers, and Extension professional staff.
  3. Planning: work with other instructors, Extension staff, parents, members, and community partners to develop a county shooting sports short-term and long-term plan to create the best possible program for your county. This responsibility includes setting up a 4-H Shooting Sports Committee that seeks to grow the program.
  4. Volunteer Development: recruit, orientate, and recognize  instructors as well as other adult and teen volunteers (ongoing).
  5. Resource Development: develop resources such as cash, equipment, use of facilities, and keep financial and asset records in accordance with Iowa 4-H policy.
  6. Promote the 4-H SESS program to youth, families, and the community through various ways.
  7. Plan/schedule supplemental learning experiences (tours, special events, service projects, etc.).
  8. Liaison with the Extension Service and county 4-H committee.
  9. Ensure quality control of county program by monitoring club SESS activities.
  1. Age 21 or older and successful completion of the child protection and safety policy screening process.
  2. Willingness to attend ongoing training.
  3. Ability to work with adults and delegate responsibility.
  4. Have an interest in the development of youth and shooting sports.
  5. State certification and re-certified as required.
  6. Previous leadership experience.
  7. Organizational, management, communication, public relations, and marketing skills.
  8. Knowledge of networking and collaborating.
  9. Knowledge of overall 4-H program and activities and/or willing to learn about them.
  10. Moral standards consistent with the 4-H philosophy.
Support Provided
  1. 4-H SESS coordinator training workshop or 4-H SESS Instructor training workshop
  2. 4-H SESS curriculum handbook upon completion of the workshop.
  3. Local volunteer training programs.
To Apply
  1. Fill out this application and contact your county ISU Extension Office
Instructor Resources

Click here for instructor resources.