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2020 Iowa National Shooting Sports Team

2019 Summer Postal Results

Winter Postal Match 2019-2020

Time frame: November, December, January, February, Marchtwo girls smiling with guns

Register online.  The league fee for each registrant is $5.50. Registration will close at 11:59pm on January 31, 2020.
For questions or problems with the online registration system, contact ISU Registration Services at 515-294-6222.

Scores for record:  Coaches will email monthly scores for all divisions to  Any questions regarding rules and scoring should be referred to the instructors that are listed below:

All scores shot for record should be submitted by the end of each month, one score per shooter per discipline per month.  Late scores will not be accepted.  All leaders and youth competing must read Winter Postal Rules 2019-20.  If there are any questions about these rules contact the Coaches listed above or Patty Gibler, 515-294-5939.

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2017 State Match pictures at:

2018 State Match Pictures at:

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