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4-H Resources for Doing STEM With Youth

With wide eyes, kids ponder: How does a bridge stay up? Why do carrots grow under the ground? Why does a car need gas? Like seeds, their interests need to be watered and tended to in order to grow.

4-H helps youth discover and foster this passion for science, engineering, technology and math (STEM). It offers a hands-on approach to developing the excitement and skills necessary for youth to succeed in a safe and fun setting.

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Clover Kids Volunteer

You can help your child's Clover Kid group or start one of your own! We will give you the information, training, and other help to get you started. All volunteers must go through a background screening and attend training. Contact your county Extension office to get started.

The purpose of this is to promote children’s positive development through cooperative learning and developmentally appropriate practices. To provide opportunities for K-3 youth to practice 5 life skills:  self-understanding, social interaction, decision-making, learning to learn, and mastering physical skills.

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