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FLEx Forward Learning Experience

FLEx is a mobile learning program for advanced design technology benefitting 3rd through 12th students and beyond in a 21st century paradigm. Structured around STEM, design thinking, 21st Century skills, and University Constructs (4 C’s), this environment extends distant educational offerings by delivering full-scale augmented and virtual visualization, digital to real prototyping, circuit bending and visual programming.

NASA Astro Camp®

The goal of Astro Camp® is to give ALL youth the chance to get involved in and experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) -- and to inspire future astronauts and engineers to learn about space with NASA unique activities. 

Digital Storytelling

Do you love to tell stories using digital technology? In this project you get to tell your story or the stories of others by learning all about the production process and technologies that make it possible. Zoom in on animation, video production, editing, sound production, image manipulation, and the secrets to telling a great story.


Robotics is the way of the future that is here today.  Robots do surgery, build cars, and assist us with our complex modern lives. This project is all about these amazing machines and learning to build and program your own robots to solve issues you face.