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STEM-Lit to Go!

STEM-Lit to Go! is an innovative program that supports the development of STEM and literacy skills for K-3 youth. This program utilizes a unique instructional framework that integrates inquiry-based STEM activities and carefully selected children’s literature.

Entomology (Insects)

Entomology is the study of insects and all six-legged creatures. Getting to know insects can be a fun way to get outside and see what is there. There are insects everywhere on Earth, even in the coldest Arctic! 

Science Technology Engineering and Math

If you live in the world today, then you want to explore Science in our Everyday Lives. Science is a way for us to look at and try to understand the world around us. Being scientific involves being curious, observing, asking questions how things happen and learning about how to find answers. There’s science behind what we eat, how we clean, what we do, and how we live. Discover the science, do your own research, and form your own conclusions.

4-H Animal Science Roundup

The 4-H Animal Science Roundup is an annual gathering of top 4-H livestock project members from around the state.

NASA Astro Camp®

The goal of Astro Camp® is to give ALL youth the chance to get involved in and experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) -- and to inspire future astronauts and engineers to learn about space with NASA unique activities.