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Record Keeping

The purpose of 4-H recordkeeping is to teach how to keep records, which is an important life skill. Recordkeeping is an ongoing process that does not end when the 4-H year ends. Youth are encouraged to select from a variety of alternatives to meet their individual recordkeeping needs and learning styles.

YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals)

In today's world, food safety is one of animal producers' biggest responsibilities.  With over 15,000 Iowa 4-H'ers enrolled in livestock projects, about 17 million pounds of meat is produced each year.

The goal of this program is to help youth and their parents better understand what they can do to produce the safest food possible.

Iowa 4-H Livestock Judging Videos

Dustin Ford of Elanco Animal Health talks about how livestock judging has impacted his career choice. Emily Brewer, Iowa State Fair Ag. Ed. Coordinator, explains the life-long relationships one gains through livestock judging.

Exhibit Tip Sheets

Exhibit Tip Sheet files and other resources are available right here!