Regulations and Guidance

In an effort to support clarity, transparency and inclusion, the Iowa 4-H Youth Development program is building a regulations and guidance library. This effort includes a comprehensive review of all Iowa 4-H program regulatory documents to ensure accessibility, consistency and coordination.
**Please note only reviewed information will go on this page. If you have questions about a regulation or guidance document that is not posted here, it may currently be in review, please email Mitch Hoyer if you have questions.

Regulations and Guidance Library

Approved Iowa 4-H Youth Development regulations and guidance.

Club Chartering

  • Club chartering general information
  • All new clubs or clubs with a change in primary leader should upload this form in 4HOnline:
  • Forms required to be uploaded to each club record annually by January 15.
    • There are two forms which must be uploaded each January, the 4-H Compliance Report and a Club calendar. The purpose of the Compliance Report is to meet civil rights compliance and to remind leaders of our non-discrimination requirements. The club calendar is added for the purpose of reviewing planned programs for insurance needs, risk management, and fundraising. More importantly, it helps ensure a quality club program or experience is being planned. These have been requirements or best practices for many years. Uploading to 4HOnline eliminates the need for paper copies to be filed.
  • Forms required to be uploaded to each club record annually each fall:

Clover Kids

Club Management

Code of Conduct



LGBTQ Inclusion

Name and Emblem


Partnership Development



Safety and Education in Shooting Sports

Strategic Planning