Regulations and Guidance

In an effort to support clarity, transparency and inclusion, the Iowa 4-H Youth Development program is building a regulations and guidance library. This effort includes a comprehensive review of all Iowa 4-H program regulatory documents to ensure accessibility, consistency and coordination.
**Please note only reviewed information will go on this page. If you have questions about a regulation or guidance document that is not posted here, it may currently be in review, please email Mitch Hoyer if you have questions.

Regulations and Guidance Library

Approved Iowa 4-H Youth Development regulations and guidance.

4-H Club Financial Management update and information from August 27, 2018 can be found on the county services website. After October 1, this link will be included in the list below, under “Club Management.”

Club Chartering

Club Management

Code of Conduct


LGBTQ Inclusion

Name and Emblem


Partnership Development