Dairy Cattle

Project Area Photos

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Learn to evaluate your animal
  • Identify a sick animal, how to treat it and future prevention
  • Understand medication uses, storage, administering of medication and how it relates to food safety
  • Learn appropriate handling techniques and housing of dairy cattle
  • Learn body condition scoring
  • Use records to make management decisions
  • Balance a dairy ration
  • Investigate signs and causes of mastitis
  • Learn about breeding and reproduction techniques

Share What You Learn with Others!


  • Design a poster on dairy breeds
  • Take part in a quiz bowl contest
  • Teach others about showmanship techniques

Civic Engagement

  • Have your animal as part of a petting zoo sharing the importance of dairy
  • Be a part of a dairy promotion event


  • Arrange for your class to tour a dairy farm
  • Attend the National Dairy Conference and encourage other youth to attend
  • Be a mentor for a younger 4-H'er

Exhibit Ideas

  • Create a poster on a dairy-related topic
  • Make a scrapbook of your animal(s)
  • Continue exhibiting the same animal(s) to show the progression and how they've changed
  • Develop a presentation on the following:
  1. How to start a dairy herd
  2. How to properly show your animal
  3. The impact of the dairy industry on consumers