Dairy Cattle

Project Area Photos

The 4-H dairy program is part of the animal science project.  This program will help you learn about the selection, production, management, health and showing of dairy animals.  If you have already signed up for this 4-H project, come on in and get started.  If you haven't signed up yet for 4-H, contact your county 4-H office and become a member today.

  • Learn marketing, processing, distribution, consumption, and use of dairy products. 
  • Practice principles of cleanliness and sanitation in production and care of dairy products. 
  • Learn nutritive value of dairy products and promote their use.

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Learn to evaluate your animal
  • Identify a sick animal, how to treat it and future prevention
  • Understand medication uses, storage, administering of medication and how it relates to food safety
  • Learn appropriate handling techniques and housing of dairy cattle
  • Learn body condition scoring
  • Use records to make management decisions
  • Balance a dairy ration
  • Investigate signs and causes of mastitis
  • Learn about breeding and reproduction techniques

Share What You Learn with Others!


  • Design a poster on dairy breeds
  • Take part in a quiz bowl contest
  • Teach others about showmanship techniques

Civic Engagement

  • Have your animal as part of a petting zoo sharing the importance of dairy
  • Be a part of a dairy promotion event


  • Arrange for your class to tour a dairy farm
  • Attend the National Dairy Conference and encourage other youth to attend
  • Be a mentor for a younger 4-H'er

Exhibit Ideas

  • Create a poster on a dairy-related topic
  • Make a scrapbook of your animal(s)
  • Continue exhibiting the same animal(s) to show the progression and how they've changed
  • Develop a presentation on the following:
  1. How to start a dairy herd
  2. How to properly show your animal
  3. The impact of the dairy industry on consumers