“Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!" Do not make good pets but many other animals do. The 4-H pet project helps you explore what kind of pet fits into your family’s lifestyle and how to be an excellent caretaker of your pet. 

  • Identify breeds and animal species and their characteristics.
  • Explore health regulations, first aid, and simple treatments for ailments.
  • Demonstrate care and management in feeding, handling, grooming and fitting/showing.
  • Learn about the selection, care, needs of pets and basic principles of pet behavior.

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Learn about the proper care, grooming and feeding of your pet.
  • Plan a training and exercise program for your pet.
  • Make a decision about breeding or not breeding your pet.
  • Compare the labels on pet foods to make an informed decision on content and price.
  • Identify symptoms and a course of action for a disease in your pet. 
  • Create a plan to prevent your pet from getting lost or finding it if it gets lost.
  • Purchase and use the appropriate grooming equipment and techniques.

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • How to approach a pet safely
  • How to select a nutritional diet
  • How to select a cat, gerbil, hamster, etc. as a pet

Civic Engagement

  • How to select a nutritional diet
  • How to select a cat, gerbil, hamster, etc. as a pet
  • Organize a fundraiser to help benefit an animal shelter


  • Organize a pet show for your club
  • Research and share with others why it’s not a good idea to keep wild animals as pets
  • Develop a plan to foster pets of deploying soldiers

Exhibit Ideas

  • Exhibit your cat or pet at the fair
  • Make a first aid kit for a pet. Tell why and how each item is used.
  • Share diet and nutrition information for raising a healthy pet.
  • Make a poster on diseases your pet could get. Tell about its discovery, effects, treatments, etc. 
  • Design a toy for your pets; tell about your decisions related to safety and cleanliness.