Campus 4-H Staff

Program Director

Debbie Nistler
Iowa 4-H Program Leader

Management Team

Tillie Good
Staff and Volunteer Development Manager
Bonnie Dalager
Educational Design and Development Manager
Kurt Goldsmith
Business Administrator
Jenny Grundmeier
4-H Office Manager
Mitchell Hoyer
Assistant Director
Ben Pullen
Senior Field Manager
Cayla Taylor
Program Development Manager

Programming Staff

NW Region Program Assistant
Celine Beggs
AmeriCorps 4-H Program Director
Career Pathways Academy and Mental Well-Being Specialist
Madeleine Bretey Smith
Leadership and Civic Engagement Specialist
Allison Brundy
Natural Resources Program Specialist
Lynne Campbell Headshot
Education Extension Specialist III
Gail Castillo
Risk Management Specialist
Clark Colby
Arts, Communication and Design Program Specialist
Lorena Dorado-Robles
Recruitment, Retention and Engagement Lead
School Wellness Specialist
Hilary Emmerson
AmeriCorps 4-H Program Assistant
Pete Evans
Forward Learning Experience (FLEx) Coordinator
Alexa Groff
STEM Coordinator
Nicole Hanson
4-H Clover Kids Program Specialist
Jennie Hargrove
Positive Youth Development & Vibrant Clubs Specialist
Maya Hayslett
4-H Crop Sciences Program Specialist
Lexa Krause
Communications and Marketing Specialist
Sara Nelson
STEM Program Specialist
Laura Paulsen
Healthy Living Program Specialist
Sydney Peterson
Communications Specialist
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Specialist
Amy Powell
4-H Animal Science Program Specialist
Shelly Ramus
Volunteer Development Specialist
Leslie Stonehocker
Events Coordinator
Staci Wicks
AmeriCorps 4-H Program Specialist

Support Staff

4-H Support Staff
4-H Support Staff
Elizabeth Huffman
4-H Support Staff
Vicki Speake
4-H Support Staff