Campus 4-H Staff

Organizational Accountability Manager
LuAnn Johansen
Assistant Director Field Operations Manager
Andrea Nelson
Interim Program Leader
Jay Staker
Stakeholder and Partnership Development Manager, Interim Director, Iowa Space Grant Consortium
Cayla Taylor
Educational Opportunities Manager
Brenda Allen
4-H Professional Development Specialist
Mike Anderson
4-H STEM Program Specialist
Megan Bagley
4-H Marketing and Communications Advancement Specialist
Tillie Bell Good
Volunteer Development Specialist
Clark Colby
Communications and Creative Arts Program Specialist
Bonnie Dalager
4-H Product and Event Development Program Specialist
Ani Das
Stakeholder and Partnership Development Program Coordinator
Pete Evans
Forward Learning Experience (FLEx) Coordinator
Nicole Hanson
4-H Clover Kids Program Specialist
4-H Crop Sciences Program Specialist
Susan Hollenkamp
AmeriCorps Program Director
Mitchell Hoyer
4-H Youth Program Specialist
Haley Jones
4-H Civic Engagement and Leadership Program Specialist
Laura Liechty
4-H Healthy Living Program Specialist
AmeriCorps Program Coordinator
4-H Animal Science Program Specialist
Shelly Ramus
Volunteer Specialist
Theresa Samson
Jennifer Anderson
4-H Office Manager
Patty Gibler
4-H Program Assistant
4-H Program Assistant
4-H Support Staff
Vicki Speake
4-H Support Staff
Carol Tierney
4-H/STEM Program Assistant