Campus 4-H Staff

Tillie Bell Good
Stakeholder and Partnership Development Manager, Volunteer Development Specialist
Marybeth Foster
Organizational Accountability Manager
LuAnn Johansen
Assistant Director Field Operations Manager
Iowa 4-H Program Leader
Cayla Taylor
Educational Opportunities Manager
Brenda Allen
4-H Professional Development Specialist
Mike Anderson
4-H Livestock Program Specialist
Megan Bagley
4-H Marketing and Communications Advancement Specialist
Clark Colby
Communications and Creative Arts Program Specialist
Bonnie Dalager
4-H Product and Event Development Program Specialist
Ani Das
Stakeholder and Partnership Development Program Coordinator
Recruitment, Retention and Engagement Lead
Pete Evans
Forward Learning Experience (FLEx) Coordinator
Nicole Hanson
4-H Clover Kids Program Specialist
4-H Crop Sciences Program Specialist
Susan Hollenkamp
AmeriCorps Program Director
Mitchell Hoyer
4-H Youth Program Specialist
Haley Jones
4-H Civic Engagement and Leadership Program Specialist
4-H Program Assistant
Laura Liechty
4-H Healthy Living Program Specialist
picture of Bobbi
AmeriCorps Program Coordinator
Sara Nelson headshot
4-H STEM Program Specialist
STEM Youth Outreach, FLEx and WISE
4-H Animal Science Program Specialist
Shelly Ramus
Volunteer Specialist
Theresa Samson
4-H Data Manager
Nate Weber
4-H Shooting Sports, Camping, and STEM Coordinator
Patty Gibler
4-H Program Assistant
4-H Support Staff
Vicki Speake
4-H Support Staff
Carol Tierney
4-H/STEM Program Assistant