Livestock ID

The identification of livestock has evolved substantially in the past few years and appears to be changing each year.  Find out more on Premise ID and the use of retinal imaging for State Fair market animals.

If you're interested in learning how to retinal image livestock as a volunteer at the county level, check out the resources below including a training video.

2021 Ear Tag County Order Form - Due October 1

Weigh-In Information

Livestock County Tagging Procedure - NEW 2020

Market Beef Weigh-Ins 2020

Sheep/Meat Goat Weigh-Ins 2020

Swine State Fair Tagging 2020

Livestock Identification in 4HOnline

All livestock must be identified in 4HOnline for eligibility to exhibit at county fairs and the Iowa State Fair (with the exception of poultry for State Fair). Please refer to each specie's requirements on the 4-H Online ID pages and the 4H 202 publication Animal Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements for County, State and Interstate Shows

  • Animal ID on-line (PDF)
  • Market Beef verification process (Word or PDF)
  • Market Sheep verification process (Word or PDF)
  • Market Swine verification process (Word or PDF)
  • Market Broiler Entry Helpsheet (PDF)

Weigh-In Animal Identification / Verification Forms

The following animal identification forms were discontinued in 2019, as all information is gathered and managed within 4HOnline. County staff can access these forms to utilize or edit for local use if they wish.

Animal Care/Disclosure Forms (Drug Affidavits)

Premise ID

Retinal Imaging

Retinal Imaging

Original RI Machine

User Guide

Online Database System

Tablet Scanner 

User Guide

Good/Bad Image Examples

Other Resources