International Harvester Collector's Club Award Program

International Harvester (IH) Collector’s Club Award Program is a great opportunity for Iowa 4-H youth. All Iowa State Fair 4-H exhibits that are associated with the International Harvester brand family qualify for this additional award sponsored by the IH Collector's Club. Participants will provide information related to their project goals, processes, problem solving, expenses and learning for an opportunity to win a monetary award.

IH Awards Participation

To ensure consideration for this special awards program, complete the IH Collector’s Club Award Program form and return to the program coordinator, Nate Weber, by August 7, 2020.  You may copy your county extension staff. For projects that are restoration projects, a before and after photo will be requested.

IH Awards Recognition

Winning 4-H members will receive:

  • A one-year membership to IH Collector’s Club Chapter 5.
  • Public recognition at awards program TBD in the 4-H building. The time and date are tentative, award winners will be contacted through email with final arrangements.
  • An invitation to share an exhibit at a chapter club meeting or at the Farm Progress Show.

Winning awards will vary in award amount and in quantity, dependent on the number of entries in a given year and are subject to change.  Awards are courtesy of the International Harvester Collectors Club, Chapter 5.  

  • Maximum $1000 award for restored tractors and farm equipment.
  • Maximum $750 award for stationary engines, Cub Cadet tractors, and other IH brand items.
  • Maximum $100 award for exhibits outside of STEM project areas.