Horse and Pony

Horse and Pony

Horse and Pony is an exciting 4-H project area because you can participate whether you own a hours or not! Discover all the aspects about raising and riding horses.

  • Appreciate riding as recreation
  • Learn horsemanship skills and understand breeding, training, and raising of horses as a business
  • Acquire skills in horse management by owning and being responsible for an animal

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Understand horse reproduction parts
  • Learn about genetics and heredity of horses
  • Learn the function of different horse tack
  • Riding patterns
  • Communicate with your horse
  • Investigate different horse diseases
  • Learn how to mount and dismount safely
  • Practice horsemanship maneuvers
  • Understand the quarter's system

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Present about parts of a horse
  • Send a letter to the editor describing your opinion regarding an ethical horse situation
  • Present a riding safety session at your county 4-H workouts prior to county fair

Civic Engagement

  • Assist with the 4-H horse show at the county fair
  • Ask friends to always wear a helmet when riding horses
  • Explore therapeutic riding and horse rescue assistance opportunities


  • Lead a trail ride for your fellow 4-H horse project members
  • Organize a tack swap for 4-H members
  • Conduct a show horse grooming clinic

Exhibit Ideas

  • Create a horse first aid kit
  • Horse life cycle poster
  • Create a scrapbook or collage of photos from your horse project
  • Present a horse using "Quarter System"
  • Display of horse diseases