Healthy Living Retreat

4-H Fuels Wellness Title Image4-H Healthy Living Retreat

October 20-21

at Clover Woods Camp near Madrid, IA

Open for youth in grades 8-12

Come explore what Healthy Living is all about!

  • Workshops (descriptions listed below)
  • Teambuilding Exercises
  • Hands-on activities (exploring the trails, rockwall climbing, ropes course, etc.)

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Deadline to Register is Tuesday, October 16th!

The 4-H Healthy Living Retreat will take place at Clover Woods 4-H Camp on October 20 and 21. This event is for youth in grades 8-12 to learn more about the areas of wellness and wellbeing. They will experience workshops, large group activities and discussions to help identify their spark and learn how they can follow their passion to improve the health of their communities across Iowa.

If you are interested in the areas of nutrition, gardening, cooking, yoga, exercise, healthy relationships, emotional wellbeing or other wellness topics then this retreat is for you! You will explore a variety of these areas through experiential learning and then you will get to brainstorm how you may use your passion to help others in your community. 

4-H Healthy Living is unveiling a new Ambassadors program and will identify a team of teen ambassadors to lead Healthy Living programs in their regions. Come attend the retreat to learn more!

Scholarships available: fill out form and submit to Iowa 4-H Foundation

Questions? Contact Laura Liechty,, 515-294-7594


Information for AttendeesGoogle Maps direction to Clover Woods

Saturday, October 20

Check-in begins at 9 am

Retreat starts at 10 am

Sunday, October 21

Retreat ends at noon

Pick up between noon and 1 pm

What to Pack?

- Information to come


Workshop Descriptions

  • Growing Together Iowa – learning how they can get involved in gardening projects that help provide nutritious fruits and vegetables to families in need.
  • Mindfulness – practice breathing, listening, and reflection techniques to help them be more mindful in their thought, actions and behaviors. Being mindful can help us focus our awareness on the present moment and address the stress we have in a healthy way.
  • Active Living – discover your favorite form of activity while learning about the benefits of getting 60 minutes of exercise each day while setting goals to create healthy habits in the future.
  • Nutrition –When you’re in a hurry and on the go with your busy schedules, do you think about the food choices you make? This workshop will help you analyze different food options that you find at fast food/convenience places to help you evaluate the healthy choice.
  • Financial – As you graduate high school and move on to adulthood there are lots of new responsibilities that come into play – career, college, traveling, etc. Do you have a savings or checking account? Do you know about loans and credit? Come explore a session on Financial Wellness 101 to help you prepare for a financially secure and healthy future.
  • Cooking – Expand your cooking skills through a workshop focused on breakfast. Help prepare the ingredients to get you off to a healthy start each day.
  • Food Insecurity – Consider the facts related to food insecurity and food access in Iowa and learn about programs like the Iowa Food Bank Association that help bring healthy options to those in need and how you can get involved in your community so that all are able to provide nutritious meals for their family.
  • Environmental Health – ever wonder how our environment can impact our health? Come explore the outdoors to boost your health and learn how we can take action to address environmental issues to keep our communities healthy.
  • Relationships – In this workshop we will discuss the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. You will learn how to assess healthy relationships and how you can build a healthy future with your family, friends, and dating relationships.
  • Lego Leadership – build your leadership, communication and team work skills through a challenging lego building quest. This workshop will help you acknowledge how you can improve upon these skills to be an effective teammate