Healthy Living Club Challenge


Registration is open!

Register your club, staff team, and/or extension council to get entered into our Healthy Living Club Challenge for the 2020 year. Information will be sent each month to the contact listed in registration.

2020 Challenge: January 1st – June 30th

Healthy Living is one of the four program priorities in Iowa 4-H Youth Development. We pledge our “health to better living” and in order to learn, practice, and advocate for healthy choices we are challenging clubs, learning communities, volunteers, staff, and families to practice healthy choices during their meetings, events and daily lives.

The annual Race Across Iowa challenge will feature similar challenges as in years past but with a new focus this year on social and emotional learning and mental wellness.

Mental Wellness is a state of well-being in which the individual:

  • Recognizes their abilities
  • Copes with the normal stresses of life
  • Works productively and fruitfully
  • Contributes to their community

Any club, council or staff team is invited to join our challenge of making healthy choices together, and learning new skills so we can practice these behavior changes long term at home and in our daily lives. As groups accomplish the different challenges each month they will earn “miles” towards their adventure through this challenge and across the Iowa map.

Regional Map with Challenge Route

Miles are earned by accomplishing different challenges. There are four main categories that are worth 50 miles a piece. These include:

Water Challenge AreaWater = Offering water as main beverage option.
Fruits & Vegetables = Having a fruit and/or vegetable as part of snacks provided.
runner Physical Activity = Organizing a group activity where participants are moving.
brain Mindful Moments = Integrating an intentional moment to learn a mindfulness technique.

There will also be opportunities to earn BONUS miles through our monthly BONUS Challenge. Each month will feature a different theme that explores a different social and emotional learning topic that helps us expand our Mental Wellness. Details and resources for each monthly challenge will be posted 1 month in advance for club planning purposes. Completion of each BONUS Challenge earns your group 100 miles.

January: Mission Statements
February: Heartfulness
March: Mindfulness
April: Gratitude
May: Empowerment
June: Advocacy

It is recommended that each club elects a Wellness Officer to help lead these initiatives during each monthly meeting and plan for future activities. Wellness Officers will be given resources to help them in this role as well as occasional webinars to help them build their awareness and learn ideas and strategies for incorporating healthy living into club meetings. Include this officer’s contact information in the registration form.

Each month will also feature resources and information for families to practice these healthy choices in their daily lives and support each other through their goals.