Healthy Living Club Challenge


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Healthy Living is one of the four program priorities in Iowa 4-H Youth Development. We pledge our “health to better living” and in order to learn, practice, and advocate for healthy choices we are challenging clubs, learning communities, volunteers, staff, and families to practice healthy choices during their meetings, events and daily lives.

The 4-H Healthy Living Club Challenge promotes simple modifications and educational opportunities during monthly club/group/team gatherings to explore our well-being while also building skills to help others through community wellness.

Each month, groups will be challenged to incorporate healthy options such as…

  • Offering and promoting water as a beverage
  • Featuring a fruit and/or vegetable as a snack option or discussing nutrition benefits of featured produce
  • Incorporating time for a movement-based activity
  • Completing the monthly dimension of wellness activity

Healthy Living is when we are aware of our decisions and making an effort to transform our habits that improve all areas of our well-being. These eight dimensions of well-being include:

  1. Social
  2. Occupational
  3. Spiritual
  4. Physical
  5. Financial
  6. Environmental
  7. Emotional
  8. Intellectual

Each month, participants will explore one of these dimensions and learn how they can work to improve that area of their well-being. Click on the dimensions to learn more about them and review activity ideas to incorporate into the group’s monthly meeting


Now is the time to sign up your 4-H club, team, or extension council to participate in our Healthy Living Club Challenge!
Register by October 15 and you will receive a club challenge kit with resources to implement the challenges this year.
Register Here!

Getting Started

At the first meeting after registering, we ask you to lead the “Opening Ceremony” session. This includes a Wellness Wheel assessment for each individual to measure their level of well-being in each of the 8 dimensions. Participants will submit their responses electronically and set a goal for the year. We will complete this again in July after the challenge ends to measure any progress we may make. The club can also create a flag together to represent their unique club and goals for the year. This flag can be at each meeting and we’ll invite you to bring it with to the Iowa State Fair next August for our “Closing Ceremony” and celebration.


After each monthly gathering, clubs/teams will submit their monthly accomplishments through an online tracker and points will be tallied through a medal system based on the 3 challenges + well-being activity.

The 3 main challenges of Water, Fruit or Vegetable snack option, and physical activity.
Type of medal is awarded based on number of these challenges completed:


1 of 3 = Bronze (50 points)    2 of 3 = Silver (100 points)    All 3 = Gold (150 points)

The well-being activity that relates to one of the monthly dimensions of wellness lessons will earn the club a trophy and earn 100 points.


Recognition and Celebration

The monthly scores will be sent out each month and a medal count leader board will be posted on website. Clubs can submit photos and stories each month with their challenge trackers, and some of these stories may be shared via Iowa 4-H social media accounts.

The closing ceremony for this year’s club challenge will take place at the 2021 Iowa State Fair on 4-H Healthy Living Day in the 4-H Building. Clubs will be invited to attend that day and be recognized for their accomplishments.