Healthy Living Club Challenge

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                  4-H Healthy Living Club Challenge



Challenge Kick Off: November 1st - May 31, 2019

Clubs take part in the challenge by introducing a variety of healthy living practices during club meetings each month. Completing the challenges earns the clubs "miles" as they race across Iowa throughout all 20 regions of the state. This 1,400 mile route destination sure fulfills the definition of a challenge, but by working together as a team and setting goals to incorporate healthy living practices each month, we hope to see you meet or surpass the final mile by the end of June!

Regional Map with Challenge Route

Challenge Areas

Water Challenge AreaWater Consumption - 75 miles

Offer water as the main beverage at club meetings

Tips: How to incorporate water in a fun way

  • Infuse water naturally by adding fruit, vegetables or herbs
  • Freeze 100% juice in ice cube trays to add some fun flavors

Fruit & Vegetable Challenge AreaFruits & Vegetables - 100 miles

Include a fruit and/or vegetable as a snack choice

Tips: Create opportunities to try new foods or recipes

  • Offer new foods to try at club meetings
  • Invite a local farmer to visit the club and try their produce 

Physical Activity Challenge AreaPhysical Activity - 125 miles

Organize a physical activity to get moving for 10-15 minutes

Tips: Structured activities that encourages movement with all participants

  • Have youth lead group exercises or design their own
  • Try yoga as part of your meeting


Earn Your Miles

Each month, the club submits the online tracker for that respective month. The club will designate who will do this each month, whether it be an adult or youth leader. The link for the month will be found here on the webpage. Be sure to submit your progress monthly so results can be tracked and published by county and across the state. Don't wait until the end of the challenge to submit your monthly accomplishments, because each monthly tracker is due by the 10th of the following month. (For example: November tracker is due December 10th, December tracker is due January 10th, etc.)

In addition to the 3 main challenges, clubs can earn extra miles by completing the monthly bonus challenge outlined below. 

Registration is open!

Clubs can register for the challenge at any point between December-May, but they can only earn miles once they've registered. Earn 50 miles for registering your club and earn 100 more by electing a club Wellness Officer! If you already have a wellness/healthy living officer - then way to go! You can count those bonus points. 

Earning miles for the 3 challenge areas + a bonus challenge will begin in December!

BONUS Challenges

Every month a new "bonus challenge" will be made available. BONUS challenges can be completed at any time, but miles are only allocated once per challenge. When submitting your monthly tracker, include a short blurb and image of your club completing the BONUS in order to earn the extra miles.

DECEMBER: Social Wellbeing

This month, the challenge is to incorporate a TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY into your club meeting. Social relationships is an integral part of our wellbeing and helps us establish a sense of belonging. Building relationships among club members is a great avenue for establishing a productive club and a safe space for all members to gather.

You are free to choose what activity to introduce but please review the examples below for ideas:

  • Brain Break Game: team building activity that encourages youth to utilize their creativity to develop a game that challenges you mentally and physically.
    • Divide group into smaller groups of 4-6 youth
    • Provide a prop to each group (preferably a different prop for each group)
      • Examples of props: play-doh, deck of cards, cones, poly-spots, beach ball, popsicle sticks, yarn, etc. (Use any every day item you may have around the house.)
    • Provide them 5-10 minutes to plan a short activity that focuses on the usage of the prop and involves the whole group.
    • Then have each small group explain and demonstrate their game for the whole group to take part in.
    • Depending on time, you may only get to practice each brain break for a few minutes - but keep that new activity in your toolbox and try it at full length in a future meeting. :)

JANUARY: Personal Wellbeing

FEBRUARY: Emotional Wellbeing

MARCH: Financial Wellbeing

APRIL: Environmental Health

MAY: Community Wellbeing

Family Newsletters

5210 partner's wordmarkIn partnership with our colleagues with the Healthiest State Initiative, Iowa Department of Public Health and Team Nutrition, we are incorporating messaging into our challenge and resources for families related to the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count! movement to help kids and their families form healthy habits. Each month we will release a health themed newsletter created by our 5210 partners. On the backside will be a monthly tracker where your child (and family) can track their health behaviors related to the monthly theme. Goal setting is encouraged and we hope your family can establish a goal to try to accomplish together. 

  • 5 or more servings of Fruits and Veggies
  • 2 hours or less of Screen Time
  • 1 hour or more of Physical Activity
  • 0 Sugary Drinks - more water

 To find additional resources for your family please visit the 5210 webpage:

December - 5 or more servings of Fruits and Vegetables

Image for the 5 out of 5210This month, focus on how many fruits and vegetables you eat each day. The national recommendation for kids is to aim for 5 or more. It is good practice to consume more vegetables than fruits. On the tracking chart, color in or cross out the fruit and vegetable images as a serving is consumed. Here are a few tips to help you reach your daily goal: 

  1. Choose a fruit or vegetable for a snack.
  2. Fill 1/2 your plate with fruits and vegetables.
  3. Pick out a NEW fruit or vegetable at the grocery store to try!

Review the December newsletter for additonal tips and ideas to help your family reach the goal of 5 a day!  december_family_newsletter.pdf


Clubs that participate will be invited to Healthy Living Day at the Iowa State Fair to celebrate their success!

Counties that choose to participate have the option to incorporate more local awards or recognition.