From treating bug bites to finding safe playgrounds to starting a Kids Walk to School program - the 4-H Health project helps you explore health and wellness in your personal life as well as your home, club, community, country, and world.

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Learn about poisons and how to keep you and your family safe
  • Develop a family safety plan
  • Identify safe places to play in your community
  • Learn about fire safety
  • Create a personal health and wellness care plan
  • Discover new ways to add physical activity to your life
  • Explore new foods to keep you healthy
  • Learn about sports supplements and their effectiveness
  • Explore how hydration affects the body

Take it Further

  • Create a recreation/activity plan for your club and lead the activities
  • Evaluate on-line resources related to health and fitness – are they trustworthy?
  • Visit with your county risk management office and learn how prepared your county is for a natural disaster
  • Encourage your fellow club members to enroll in Red Cross First Aid and CPR classes
  • Lead age-appropriate physical activity sessions at your local senior center
  • Explore how mental and emotional health are connected to physical health
  • Is it fair time? Consider taking some of your health project learning to the fair for judging and demonstrate what you have learned through the year
  • Learn about the Kids Walk to School program and begin one in your community
  • Explore careers in the health and wellness field

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Show club members how to treat bee and wasp stings
  • Teach your club a new game to raise their heart rates
  • Prepare a poster about how to stay safe in case of disaster

Civic Engagement

  • Organize a 4-H group to assemble first aid kits
  • Conduct a playground safety check in your community
  • Perform a building safety check at your club meeting site


  • Volunteer to be the club health and safety officer
  • Organize a 4-H health club
  • Demonstrate how to make power snacks at a club meeting

Exhibit Ideas

  • Create first aid kits for your home and club
  • Give a  demonstration on wrapping to prevent or after sports injury
  • Design a poster on farm safety
  • Create a poster about how nutrients affect your body
  • Demonstrate how to use protective gear for outdoor sports
  • Teach proper stretching exercises and techniques to your club members