Global Citizenship

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What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship is where people who acknowledge themselves as a part of the world community, not just their own country, contribute to construct the value and the tradition of the world community to make it a better place.

In order to be an Global Citizen, it is important to understand both your own culture and the cultures of others so that you can become respectfully aware of the similarities and differences. There is no right nor wrong in cultures and each culture has their own characteristics that make them unique.

Upcoming Events:

Global Citizenship Day: To be determined for 2020

Global Clover:

We have began editions of the “Global Clover” for 4-H clubs across the state! Our intent is to feature a different country around the world each month, each of these countries has a 4-H program or similar. In order for youth to understand what Global Citizenship is for them and how they can both impact the world and be impacted by the world around them, we want to highlight different countries, languages, economics, activities, traditions outside Iowa and the U.S.We also have a service project or activity of sorts with each month’s Global Clover. The service activity will relate to the featured country.