Gardening to Give

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Gardening to Give
All Iowans Growing a #StrongIowa

Feed your club, community, country, and world with weekly, hands-on, and research-based challenges and learning opportunities focused on gardening and growing, designed for all ages and abilities. By working together across the state to grow gardens, we can not only provide food for our loved ones, but we can donate our harvest to food pantries while engaging in the gardening experience. We are working across Extension to share information and learning opportunities for all of Iowa, and Gardening to Give is the youth-focused program for this opportunity.

The Gardening to Give program will run from May 15th-October 30th, 2020. Register for gardening and growing research-based weekly challenges and learning information. Consider connecting with your local Extension Office to get horticulture information.

Gardening to Give in a Snapshot 
Gardening to Give in a Snapshot - Spanish

Pledge your hands to larger service by growing a garden with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and Iowa 4-H Youth Development. Weekly challenges and learning information will come to your inbox after registering.

Archived Weekly Lessons can be found here.

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